Come 短语汇总

◆come 短语
come about
To take place; happen.出现;发生
To turn around.转向
Nautical To change tack.【航海】 改变航向
come across
To meet or find by chance:偶然遇到或找到:
came across my old college roommate in town today.
Slang 【俚语】
To do what is wanted.做所想做的
To pay over money that is demanded:付要求的钱:
came across with the check.开支票支付
To give an impression:给予印象:
“He comes across as a very sincere, religious individual”(William L. Clay)
come along
To make advances to a goal; progress:进展:对一个目标有进步;前进:
Things are coming along fine.事情进展顺利
To go with someone else who takes the lead:跟随:与另一个带头的人走:
I’ll come along on the hike.我将徒步旅行来
To show up; appear:表现;出现:
Don’t take the first offer that comes along.不要采取他人的第一个提议
come around / round
To recover, revive:恢复,还原:
fainted but soon came around.昏迷但马上苏醒
To change one’s opinion or position:改变某人意见或立场:
You’ll come around after you hear the whole story.你听到整个故事之后你会明白
come at
To obtain; get:获得;得到:
come at an education through study.经由研究得到教育
To rush at; attack.对…冲击;攻击
come back
To return to or regain past success after a period of misfortune.
To retort; reply:反驳;回答:
came back with a sharp riposte.以尖锐的反驳回答
To recur to the memory:再现记忆:
When I saw the picture, happy memories came back.
come by
To gain possession of; acquire:占有;取得:
Mortgages are hard to come by.抵押难以获得
To pay a visit.访问
come down
To lose wealth or position:失去财富或地位:
He has really come down in the world.他在这个世界上真的失去了地位
To pass or be handed down by tradition:传承:按习惯通过或处理:
customs that come down from colonial times.从殖民时代传承下来的惯例
To be handed down from a higher authority:宣判:从更高权威传下来:
An indictment finally came down.终于宣判起诉
Slang To happen; occur:【俚语】 发生;出现:
What’s coming down tonight?今晚发生了什么事情?
come in
To arrive:到达:
Fall clothes will be coming in soon.秋装即将上市
To become available for use:成为可用:
New weather information just came in.新气象信息刚被采用
To start producing. Used of an oil well.开始生产。用于油井
To arrive among those who finish a contest or race:比赛名次:在完成比赛的那些人中达到:
came in fifth.第五名
To perform or function in a particular way:按特殊方法执行或运作:
A food processor comes in handy.食品加工处理机用来十分便利
To reply in a specified manner to a call or signal:以特定方式回应:对电话或信号按特定方式回答:
The pilot’s voice came in loud and clear.飞行员回应的声音大而清晰
To take on a specified role:承办规定的任务:
When editorial review commences, that’s where you come in.
come into
To acquire, especially as an inheritance:获得,尤指遗产:
She came into a fortune on her 21st birthday.她在二十一岁生日的时获得了一笔遗产
come off
To happen; occur:发生;出现:
The trip came off on schedule.旅行按计划得到实现
To acquit oneself:表现:
She is sure to come off badly if challenged to explain.如果被要求解释,她肯定表现得很差
To turn out to be successful:结果是成功的:
a party that came off.成功的晚会
come on
To convey a particular personal image:表现个人特定形象:
comes on as an old-fashioned reactionary.表现出象保守主义者
Slang To show sexual interest in someone:【俚语】 对某人有性兴趣:
trying to come on to me during the party.在宴会期间力图亲近我
To progress or advance in increments:递增:按增额发展或进步:
Darkness came on after seven.七点以后天色渐暗
To begin in small increments or by degrees:逐渐开始:按小的增额或程度开始:
Sleet came on after one o’clock.在一点钟后冰雹到来了
To hurry up; move rapidly. Often used in the imperative:催促;快速运动。常用于祈使语气:
Would you please come on! We’ll be late!请快一点吧!我们要晚了!
To stop an inappropriate behavior; abandon a position or an attitude; be obliging. Used chiefly in the imperative:制止:制止一种不合适的行为;放弃一种职位或态度;强迫。主要用于祈使语气:
You’ve used the same feeble excuse for weeks. Come on!

come out
To become known:成为众所周知:
The whole story came out at the trial.整个真相在审问中变得众所周知
To be issued or brought out:发行或发表:
The author’s new book just came out.作家的新书刚出版
To make a formal social debut:正式的社交:
She came out at age 18 in New York City.她于十八岁在纽约城初入社交圈
To end up; result:结束;结果:
Everything came out wrong.每件事都是错误地结束
To declare oneself publicly:自己公开宣布:
The governor came out in favor of tax breaks.这位政府官员公开宣布赞成停止征税
To reveal that one is gay or homosexual. 揭露某人同性恋的身份
come over
To change sides, as in a controversy.改变立场,例如在争论中
To pay a casual visit.偶然拜访
come through
To do what is required or anticipated:作要求的或预期的事:
I asked for their help, and they came through.他们给了我所需要的帮助
To become manifest:成为显然的:
The parents’ tenderness comes through in their facial expressions.
To be communicated in a specified manner:用一种特别的方式沟通:
The pilot’s voice came through loud and clear.飞行员的声音大而清楚
come to
To recover consciousness:恢复知觉:
The fainting victim came to.昏倒的受害者恢复了意识
Nautical 【航海】 To bring the bow into the wind.使船头转向迎风
To anchor.抛锚泊(船)
come up
To manifest itself; arise:显现;出现:
The question never came up.从不曾发生过这个问题
To rise above the horizon:升到地平线上:
The sun came up.太阳升起了
To rise, as in status or rank:晋级:提升,如在状态或级别上:
a general who came up from the ranks.按等级晋升的将军
To draw near; approach:靠近;接近:
came up and said hello.靠近并打招呼
come upon
To discover or meet by accident.偶然发现或遇到

come a cropper
To fail utterly.彻底失败
come clean
To confess all.全都坦白
come down on
To punish, oppose, or reprimand severely and often with force:申斥,谴责:严厉地且强有力地处罚、反对或谴责:
a district attorney who came down hard on drug dealers.
come down to
To confront or deal with forthrightly:直率地面对或处理:
When you come right down to it, you have to admit I’m correct.
To amount to in essence:在意义上相当于:
It comes down to this: the man is a cheat.
come down with
To become sick with (an illness):染病,得病:因(一种病)感到身体不舒服:
came down with the flu.因流感而感到不适
come in for
To receive; be subjected to:接受;服从:
came in for harsh criticism.接受严厉的批评
come into (one’s) own
To get possession of what belongs to one.获得属于某人的东西
To obtain rightful recognition or prosperity:获得恰当的认可或成功:
a concert pianist who has at last come into his own.终于获得成功的协奏曲钢琴演奏家
come off it【俚语】
To stop acting or speaking foolishly or pretentiously. Often used in the imperative.
come out with
To put into words; say:进行谈话;讲话:
always comes out with the truth.以事实讲话
To reveal publicly:公开揭露:
came out with a new tax package.一组新税出台
come to blows
To begin a physical fight.开始肉搏
come to grief
To meet with disaster; fail.遇到不幸;失败
come to grips with
To confront squarely and attempt to deal decisively with:使直接面临并打算断然处理:
“He had to come to grips with the proposition”(Louis Auchincloss)

come to light / hand
To be clearly revealed or disclosed:被清楚地暴露或揭发:
“A further problem . . . came to light last summer as a result of post-flight inspections”(John Noble Wilford)
come to terms
To confront squarely and come to understand fully and objectively:
“He attempts to come to terms with his own early experiences . . . and with his father, a con man of extravagant dimensions”(Peter S. Prescott)
To reach mutual agreement:达成协议,妥协:
The warring factions have at last come to terms.互相斗争的派别最后达成了协议
come true
To happen as predicted:实现,达到:按预期发生:
My fondest dreams have at last come true.我最期望的理想最终实现了
come up against
To encounter, especially a difficulty or major problem.
come up with
To bring forth or discover:宣布或发现:
came up with a cure for the disease.发现疾病的治疗方法
as they come按照原来的样子 [口]非常, 极其
Easy come easy go.(=Light come, light go; Lightly come, lightly go. )[谚]来得容易去得快(常指财物)。
Everything comes to him who waits.[谚]耐心等待,必有所得。
First come first served.[谚]先到先招待; 先到先供应。
How come?[口]为什么? 怎么会? 怎么搞的?
How comes it that? (=How is it that…?)[口]为什么? 怎么回事?
How comes it about that? (=How is it that…?)[口]为什么? 怎么回事?
if it comes to that如果事情到了那种地步
Let’em all come.让他们都来吧 (对大家的挑战, 表示自信、蔑视)。
Let them all come.让他们都来吧 (对大家的挑战, 表示自信、蔑视)。
to come未来的, 将要到来的
come about发生; (风等)改变方向; 转帆, 转航向
come across偶然碰见; 无意中找到 出现于, 想到 [口]有效果, 使人能理解 相认, 照办, 吐露实情
come after跟着…来, 跟在…后面 来取, 寻找; 争取 追赶 继承
come again 再说一遍 (从昏迷中)清醒过来
come alive 活跃起来; 显得象真的似的
come along 一起来, 一道走; 同意, 赞成, (祈使语气)请过来, 快一点儿; 进展; 进步
come amiss 不称心, 不合适, 不受欢迎
come and get it [美口](饭预备好了)请过来吃吧!
come and go 来来往往; 作短暂访问; 变化不定
come and go upon 信赖, 信任; 有行动自由
come apart 裂开; 破裂; 垮下来, 崩溃
come at 攻击, 扑向; 达到; 得到
come away 脱开; 断开; 离开, 发芽, 生长; [方]跟我一起走; [苏]到屋里来
come away none the wiser 结果还是一点也不明白而归
come back 回来; 忆起, 恢复原有地位[健康]; (风尚)又流行起来; [美俚]还嘴
come before 位于…之前; 被交付处理[审判]; 被提出
come between 在…中间; 离间; 使分开; 妨碍某人做某事
come by 弄到, 获得 偶然搞到, 偶然得到 经过, 从旁边过去[美方]来串门, 拜访
come clean [美俚]全盘招供, 坦白交代; 修完课程(大学毕业)
come down 下来, 倒下; 倒塌; 砍伐[倒]; 下(雪, 雨等); 降落; 拿出钱来接济; (从城市)来到(乡下);
大学毕业;【戏】走出戏台口; 从兴奋剂作用中醒过来; [美俚]发生
come down (hard) on / upon 向…索取(钱等); 申斥, 严厉惩罚; 强烈反对
come down to下垂到, 达到; 流传下来, 可归结为; 屈尊; 被迫
come down with[口]出钱; 得(病), 付款
come for为某种目的而来取; 来接; 向…冲来; 对…进行袭击
come forth出来; 涌现; 被公布; 出世
come forward被提出; 自愿效劳; 主动响应; 增长
come from是…地方人; 产自 来自, 是…结果, 起因于 出身于, 生于
come home 回家;【航海】锚脱掉; 打中; 说得正对; 刺中(…心病); 打动人心; 被理解, 影响深远
come in 进来; 到达; 开始; 开始使用…; 开始生产; (潮水)升涨; (火车)进站;
(船舶)进港; 到成熟季节; 当选, 就任, 执政, (党派等)上台; (钱)到手; 起作用;
【信】(对对方的呼唤进行)回话; 回复; 流行起来; 干涉; [美俚](母牛)下仔
come in for得到; 领取(份儿); 受到(处分); 吸引; 适用于, 对…有用
come in handy将来(可能)有用
come in on / upon参加, 参与
come into进入; 得到;继承(财产等)
come it 拿出钱来; 泄密; (拳击)示弱; 卖弄; 吹牛; 获得成功
come it over 胜过, 骗过, 对…摆威风
come it strong [俚]做得过份; 过于夸大
come near 不劣于, 不亚于, 及得上; 几乎, 差一点就
come of 出身于; 由…引起; 是…的结果; 是在…生长大的
come from 出身于; 由…引起; 是…的结果; 是在…生长大的
come off (从…)离开, 走开 从…跌下, 从…下来 分离, 脱落 发生, 举行 [口]实现, 成功, 有效果
表现(好、坏), (事情)进展得 逃脱, 结束, 摆脱
come off it [口]别装蒜了, 别胡诌[胡闹, 吹牛]了, 别骗人了
come off well 运气好, 走运, (事情)有满意的结果
come off with 发表(言论), 宣布
come on / upon 偶然遇见(某人), 无意中发现(某物) 来临, 袭来 (雨、雪等)开始下; 出现 跟着来, 跟上来 进餐, 进展, 成长, 滋长 登场, 上演 表现出来; [美俚]留下印象; 产生效果 (问题等)被提出来 得啦, 快点, 别胡扯啦
come out出来,出现 (芽)生出来, (花)开 出版 暴露; 传出 初次露面, 初次登台, 初入社会 发展, 进展, 结局 (考试、比赛等)结果是…, 名列第… 表露, 呈现 (污点等)被去掉, (颜色)褪去 (题目, 公式等)被解出来 罢工 出狱
come out against 出来反对; 反抗
come out at (总数、平均数等) 达, 共计
come out flat-footed [美口]打开天窗说亮话
come out for 声明支持; 表示同意, 赞同; 出去(散步, 野餐, 远足等)
come out in(部分皮肤)发出(红斑, 丘疹等)
come out of出自, 生自; (冲破…)出来; 脱离, 摆脱
C-out of that![俚] 走开! 滚蛋! 住手
come out with被伴随着; 透露; 说出; 公布
come over顺便访问; 发生; 侵占; 占上风; 过来, 从远方来; 转到…方面来; (感觉, 影响等)攫住; 支配; [口]欺骗
come around / round到来; 再度来; 来访; 绕道而行; [口]息怒; 消气; 苏醒过来; 恢复知觉或健康; 回心转意; 屈服, 让步; 哄; 改变方向
come round to doing sth.[口]经过一段时间耽搁以后又着手(做某事)
come short home遭到不幸; 遭到失败
come through经受(困难)而活过来; 脱险; 完成, 胜利; (消息)传出; (电话)接通; 通行; [美俚]资[捐]助; [美俚]招供; 照办; 拿出(钱等); [美]改变信仰, 变节
come to达到, 总计为; 终于; 结果是; 苏醒(过来);把船朝着风头; 停泊; 继承(财产); (马, 牛群等)迅速向左转
come to oneself(昏迷后)苏醒过来; 恢复理性, 停止胡闹
come to pass发生; 实现
come to sb.(事情)临到某人头上; (财产)遗留给某人
come to stay留下不走, 住下来; 长久存在; 已成定局
come to that (=if it comes to that)如果事实是那样的话; 无论如何
come to think of it[口]我想起来了
come to this等于这样说, 就是这样 达到这种地步; 出现这种情况
come together集[会]合; 夫妇同居生活; (对立双方)消除分歧
come under归入, 纳入 受到(影响, 支配等) 属于…职权范围
come up走近; 上(楼)来; (从土中)长出, 发芽; 被提出; 流行起来; [英]进大学; 进城(尤指去伦敦); 上升; 抬头; [俗]呕吐; 快! (驱使牛、马行走或前进时的吆喝)
come up against遇到(困难); 遭到(反对); 与…矛盾
come up smiling[口](遭到挫折, 失败之后)以勇敢和乐观的姿态出现
come up to并驾齐驱; 达到; 数到; 不负(期望); 合乎(标准等)
come up with追及; 呈出; 供给; 复仇; 责罚; 提出(建议); [口]找到(答案, 解决办法)
come upon偶然碰见(某人) (灾难, 寒潮等)突然向…袭来 突然产生于… 成为…的负担 要求(支持或帮助)
come on偶然碰见(某人) (灾难, 寒潮等)突然向…袭来 突然产生于… 成为…的负担 要求(支持或帮助)
come what may不管发生什么事情, 不管怎样
come what will不管发生什么事情, 不管怎样
come with伴随…发生; 与…一起供给
come within进入(听力、视力、射程等)所及的范围; 属于, 归入
Coming up![口](指饭菜)准备好了!这就端上来了!



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