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CATTI 汉译英学习(1):博鳌亚洲论坛

CATTI 汉译英学习(2):核安全峰会

CATTI 汉译英学习(3):中捷关系

CATTI 汉译英学习(4):亚洲区域合作

CATTI 汉译英学习(5):中国经济

CATTI 汉译英学习(6):一带一路

CATTI 汉译英学习(7):景区介绍

CATTI 汉译英学习(8):潘基文演讲摘选

CATTI 汉译英学习(9):南海话题

CATTI 汉译英学习(10):性别平等白皮书

CATTI 汉译英学习(11):生态文明

CATTI 汉译英学习(12):中非经贸合作

CATTI 汉译英学习(13):中国的军事战略

CATTI 汉译英学习(14):新疆生产建设兵团

CATTI 汉译英学习(15):一带一路

CATTI 汉译英学习(16):“一国两制”白皮书

CATTI 汉译英学习(17):社会民生概述

CATTI 汉译英学习(18):外交理念与对外开放

CATTI 汉译英学习(19):国际法治

CATTI 汉译英学习(20):中美旅游合作

CATTI 汉译英学习(21):信息与网络安全

CATTI 汉译英学习(22)粮食与零饥饿

CATTI 汉译英学习(23):中国的医疗卫生事业

CATTI 汉译英学习(24):数字表达强化(1)

CATTI 汉译英学习(25):数字表达强化(2)

CATTI 汉译英学习(26):城市介绍

CATTI 汉译英学习(27):世界旅游发展大会

CATTI 汉译英学习(28):网络空间合作

CATTI 汉译英学习(29):金砖国家合作

CATTI 汉译英学习(30):城市介绍之无锡

CATTI 汉译英学习(31):英国皇家植物园简介

CATTI 汉译英学习(32):文物介绍

CATTI 汉译英学习(33):景区介绍之长江三峡

CATTI 汉译英学习(34):景区介绍之峨眉山

CATTI 汉译英学习(35):创业园简介

CATTI 汉译英学习(36):宾馆酒店介绍

CATTI 汉译英学习(37):景德镇、玉龙雪山简介

CATTI 汉译英学习(38):能源投资

CATTI 汉译英学习(39):农业与粮食问题

CATTI 汉译英学习(41):城镇化发展

CATTI 汉译英学习(42):红军长征胜利80周年

CATTI 汉译英学习(43):科技文本

CATTI 汉译英学习(44):居民消费

CATTI 汉译英学习(45):教育扶贫

CATTI 汉译英学习(46):气候变化与巴黎协定

CATTI 汉译英学习(47):中美贸易

CATTI 汉译英学习(48):交通运输

CATTI 汉译英学习(49):工厂简介

CATTI 汉译英学习(50):人物介绍



CATTI 汉译英学习(1):博鳌亚洲论坛





Let me first welcome all of you to Boao, China. I appreciate you traveling all the way to join us for ···


Appreciate sb doing 是没问题的。例如:

Great article and I appreciate you taking your time to put this information out. (FORBES)



Growth, trade, investment, geopolitics and other issues areintertwined.
The world economy is in a transition where new growth drivers are yet to replace the old ones.


In light of such reality, the world is looking to the Hangzhou Summit for answers.

address the root cause of sluggish growth through new elements and business models such as the new industrial revolution and digital economy.

attach great importance to



the support and input



whether all these ideas will materialize



chart the course for

One thousand promises mean less than accomplishing one thing.



Some people think as emerging markets experience slower growth, the G20 is not as relevant as it was.



We also need to have a strategic vision to deliver real outcomes withoverarching and far-reaching significance.



write a new chapter

CATTI 汉译英学习(2):核安全峰会




Sixty years ago, humanity started the peaceful use of nuclear energy and embarked on a path to strengthen nuclear security.



That being said, we have no reason to be self-complacent and slacken our efforts.

The principle of fairness secures a strong foundation, a cooperative approach generates momentum for development, while a win-win prospect gives us greater confidence. Together, they will provide strong and sustainable institutional guarantee for mankind to benefit from nuclear energy with security.

As a Chinese saying goes, for a tree to grow tall, it needs to have deep roots.



Taking into account national conditions, we must, at the national level, plan and implement nuclear security strategy, formulate mid-and-long term development plans for nuclear security.

Strategic layout will get nowhere without support of concrete measures. 



Nuclear terrorism is the common enemy of all mankind. Nuclear security incidents will have impacts that go beyond national borders.



In this process, it is necessary to accommodate the legitimate demand of developing countries and provide them with assistance.



The awareness of the rule of law, the sense of urgency, and the spirit of self-discipline and coordination are central to the nuclear security culture.

In pursuit of excellence through constant improvement, China has strived to explore effective ways to strengthen nuclear security.



Keeping its promise on nuclear security, China has fulfilled its international obligations and political commitment.



Aspiring for win-win cooperation, China is vigorously promoting international exchanges and cooperation.



In the age of connectivity, no country can deal with such problems alone, and no country can stay immune from their impacts.



As long as we cooperate in good faith and continue to step upnuclear security, nuclear energy will certainly deliver a brighter futureto mankind.

CATTI 汉译英学习(3):中捷关系



The Czech Republic is known for picturesque landscape, rich cultural heritage and talented people.



China-EU relations are at their best period in history and are presented with unprecedented historic opportunities of further growth.



China will join hands with the EU for win-win cooperation, and together contribute to world economic development.



We should better align our development strategies to tap the potential of cooperation.



We should enhance economic cooperation for the benefit of our people.



More than 30 years of reform and opening-up has sharpened China’s competitive edge in terms of capital, technology and equipment, especially in railway and nuclear plant construction.



People in China are now striving to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, advance towards the “Two Centenary Goals” of development  and realize the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.
The Czech Republic is an attractive destination to Chinese tourists, who made a record number of more than 300,000 visits here in 2015, making tourism a bright spot in China-Czech cooperation.
U.S. exports to China remain a bright spot for many companies, particularly with European demand weakening.

FORBES: Up Again, China Buys More ‘Made In America’

For many years in a row, China has been the Czech Republic’slargest trading partner outside the European Union and the Czech Republic China’s second largest trading partner in Central and Eastern Europe.



Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 67 years ago, the traditional friendship between our countries and peoples has gone from strength to strength.

Go From Strength To Strength 不断壮大


Situated in the heartland of Europe, the Czech Republic enjoys advantageous locationstrong industrial foundation and unique strengths in machining, automobile manufacturing and aero-industry.

CATTI 汉译英学习(4):亚洲区域合作

As history shows, harmony benefits all Asian countries while confrontation hurts all.



The rise of Asia has not come easily and unity remains the best wayto build a stronger Asia.



Today, Asia is a rising region in the global geopolitical landscape, and is also leading world economic growth.


2016 is the opening year of China’s 13th Five Year Plan. It is also the opening year of the “Golden Era” of China-UK relations. 



In this increasingly multi-polar, globalized and digitized world, countries are more interdependent in their interests than ever before.


All in all, I am full of confidence in China’s development in 2016 and I am full of expectations for the China-UK business cooperation in the year ahead.

Asian countries loathe to see a repeat of war, turmoil and mutual hostility, and are eager to focus on development in a peaceful and stable environment. 



Due to its diversity, Asia cannot copy the model of others in seeking regional integration.

Over the years, Asian cooperation frameworks have looked to,engaged with and learned from those in other regions.



While encouraged by fast progress, we should stay cool-headed at the difficulties and challenges.



As a Chinese saying goes, “Even with great success one shouldalways try to do better”.

Regional Cooperation is an important means to improve regional governance and fuel the rise of Asia.



Since becoming a dialogue partner with ASEAN 25 years ago, China has seen its participation in regional cooperation grow both in breadth and depth.



CATTI 汉译英学习(5):中国经济

消费对经济增长的贡献率达到 60%,消费升级也伴随着强劲增长。

Consumption, already responsible for 60% of growth, keeps going strong and up-market.


up-market [ ʌp’ma:kit ]

adj. designed for consumers with high incomes



Structural reform is not only about exploring new sources of growth, but also about making traditional industries more competitive.



China’s massive industrial sector remains a vital part of our plan for growth.



Despite moderation in growth, the Chinese economy is moving in thedesired direction of stronger domestic demand and innovation.



We are creating over 10 million jobs a year and disposable-income growth is outstripping that of GDP.



These efforts are already paying off. The services sector, accounting for half of China’s GDP, keeps widening its lead over manufacturing.



Given the size of China’s $10 trillion economy, overdependence on investment and exports is not tenable.



We are combining myriad policy tools into two major drivers of growth.



A leaner government can play a better role as macroeconomic fine-tuner, regulator for fair competition, champion of the reform agenda and ultimate backstop when systemic risks threaten.



CATTI 汉译英学习(6):一带一路


The Belt and Road Initiative offers both a long-term vision and real benefits in the near future.



Some Westerners believe the Initiative is nothing more than a concept, lacking a clear roadmap. However, such an interpretation isone-sided.



Of course, potential risks during the construction must be acknowledged. And it is because of those risks that the construction is being done through joint consultation, joint construction and sharing.



The opportunities and risks that come with the Initiative must beviewed objectively.



The Belt and Road Initiative is not meant to establish a sphere of influence, but to weave a partnership network.



With joint efforts between different countries and regions along theroute, and by aligning the booming Asian economic sphere with the European one, the Belt and Road Initiative will stimulate huge market demand, acting as an engine for global economic development.



In the long run, the Initiative will advance world economic development. It will put into practice the idea of openness and inclusiveness, and will pioneer economic globalization.



CATTI 汉译英学习(7):景区介绍




1、多用独立主格  2、大幅拆分重组  3、返璞归真,把汉语文言词口语化

4、多用 locate,enjoy,feature,boast,repute 等词


泰山(Mount Tai),世界文化与自然双重遗产 ,世界地质公园,全国重点文物保护单位,国家重点风景名胜区,国家5A级旅游景区。

Mount Tai is a World Cultural and Natural Heritage site, World Geopark, Key Cultural Site under State Protection, National Key Tourist Attraction, and a AAAAA Tourist Attraction.



Located in the central region of Tai’an City, Shandong Province, Mount Tai is reputed to be the “First of the Five Famous Mountains” and the “First Mountain in the World”. Its main peak, the Peak of the Heavenly Emperor, is located at an altitude of 1,545m.



Hailed as “the most astonishing mountain in China”, Mount Huangshan is located in Huangshan City in the south of Anhui Province.



It covers an area of 1,200km2 (core scenic area of about 160.6km2), about 40km in length from south to north and 30km in width from east to west. It is mainly formed bygranite and has an altitude of 1,864m at the Lotus Peak.



①Located in Nanping County of Aba Tibetan & Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, the Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area is a valley with the depth of more than 40km, over 400km away from Chengdu.

② It has become well-known for the nine surrounding Tibetan villages that cover about 620km2.

③ About 52% of the area is covered with thick, virgin forest.

④ The Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area has become the only holy land to enjoy both “World Natural Heritage” and “World Biosphere Reserve” status in China.


Holy Land,总感觉宗教意味有点儿大,可能用别的词会更好一些。

CATTI 汉译英学习(8):潘基文演讲摘选




Despite ongoing challenges, developing countries have becomecritical actors in the global socioeconomic landscape.



As we embark on efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we need to accelerate development momentum across the South, including by building resilience and mitigating risk.



Literacy, a human right that empowers individuals and advances societies, is needed more than ever as the United Nations prepares to adopt a new global agenda for sustainable development.



Agenda 2030 is ambitious and transformative, aiming to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality and preserve our planet.



Some 250 million primary school age children do not have a grasp of basic literacy skills while 124 million children and adolescents are out of school.



On this International Literacy Day, I call for governments and partners, including in the private sector, to join forces for universal literacy as an essential component of the future we want.



The International Day of Charity coincides with the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her work to overcome poverty. Upon receiving the prize, shefamously gave the money that came with it to some of the poorest people in India.



In recent years there has also been an alarming number of acts by non-state actors, including armed extremist and terrorist groups, that are tantamount to enforced disappearances and that are also gross abuses of human rights.

CATTI 汉译英学习(9):南海话题


The Nansha Islands has been an inseparable part of China’s territory since ancient times.It is within China’s sovereignty to conduct construction activities on her own islands and reefs, which are lawful, reasonable, justified and beyond reproach.



The Nansha Islands is China’s territory, and China has every right to deploy on relevant islands and reefs necessary facilities for military defense.



China is committed to a path of peaceful development, a defense policy that is defensive in nature and a foreign policy of building friendship and partnership with her neighbors. Therefore, China is a staunch force for peace and stability in the region.



On the South China Sea issue, China is always committed to resolving relevant disputes through negotiation and consultation with countries directly concerned on the basis of respect for historical facts and international law, and making joint efforts with ASEAN countries to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea.



China’s sovereignty and relevant claims of rights in the South China Sea have been formed in the long course of history and upheld by successive Chinese governments. This position has adequate historical and legal basis. There is no need to have it strengthenedthrough construction activities on relevant islands and reefs.



China is a big country that shoulders more international responsibilities and obligations.



China is the last country that wants to see chaos in the South China Sea. Still less will China do anything to stir up troubles.



While working to maintain her territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, China will stay committed to the basic policy of upholding peace and stability in the South China Sea and the fundamental solution to the South China Sea issue through negotiation and consultation.

CATTI 汉译英学习(10):性别平等白皮书


Gender equality and women’s development is a lasting theme of mankind’s pursuit of equality and justice, a scale for measuring social progress and an important goal in realizing sustainable development in our world.



Chinese women make up one fifth of the world’s total female population. Gender equality and women’s development in China not only give expression to China’s own progress, but also constitute a historical contribution made to global equality, development and peace.



It is obvious to all that, in tandem with rapid economic and social development, great progress has been achieved in the promotion of gender equality and women’s development in China over the past two decades.


【In tandem with 】

In tandem with open markets and open trade, the United States led in the promotion of democracy.




At the same time, China is highly aware that, as a developing country with the world’s largest population, and restricted by its limited level of economic and social development, it will continue tobe confronted with new situations and problems in its efforts to promote women’s development. There is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality in China, and arduous tasks remain to be tackled.



China actively promotes equality in education, adjusting the structure of education, adhering to the principle of gender equality, and working hard to guarantee equal rights and opportunities for both men and women to access education.



The Sixth National Census showed that the average years of schooling for women over the age of six were 8.4 years in 2010, 1.3 years more than in 2000, and the gender gap had narrowed by 0.2 year as compared with 2000.



A network of maternal and child health services covering both urban and rural areas has taken shape in China, with maternity and child care institutions as the core, community-level health care institutionsas the foundation, and large or medium-sized medical institutions and relevant research and teaching institutions as the support.
Women are playing an increasingly prominent unique role in the fostering of social culture, protection of the ecological environment and family management.



In its efforts to advance the Four-Pronged Comprehensive Strategy, China will continue implementing the basic national policy of equality between men and women, constantly improve policies and measures in the fields of economy, law, administration and public opinion, safeguard women’s rights and interests in accordance with the law, and work to achieve greater success in the cause of gender equality and women’s development.



China is willing to work with other countries to encourage all social sectors to contribute to the promotion of gender equality and women’s development, to strengthen and expand international exchanges and cooperation, and to contribute further to promoting worldwide equality, development and peace.



China actively implements international conventions and documentsconcerning gender equality and women’s development, takes part in international bilateral and multilateral women’s exchanges and cooperation, strengthens friendly exchanges with women organizations all over the world, and focuses on providing technical training and material assistance to women in developing countries,thus playing an important role in promoting gender equality and women’s development around the globe.




CATTI 汉译英学习(11):生态文明


An ecological civilization emerges when human society reaches a certain stage of development. As a new mode of civilization that reflects a level of harmony betweenhumans and nature, ecological civilization represents a major conceptual advance for the development of human civilization.



Building an ecological civilization does not mean that we must abandon industrial civilization and return to a primitive way of living. Rather, it means building a civilized society with developed production, affluent standards of living, and sound ecological environments in accordance with the goals of realizing sustainable development and achieving a state of balance between humans and nature. Therefore, this is a society in which human activities are based on the carrying capacity of resources and the environment, and in which human development is governed by the objective laws of nature.



Promoting ecological progress is a basic requirement of putting people first. In maintaining a commitment to putting people first, the first thing we must do is to guarantee the mental and physical wellbeing of the people.



In the past, the public were concerned with having adequate shelter, warm clothes, and enough to eat; now, they have a greater demand for environmental protection. Specifically, they long for agreeable living environments, clean water, fresh air, and safe food that they can trust.



The job of the government is to orient its policies towards the wishes of the people.



Therefore, we must devote major efforts to resolving prominent environmental issues,work constantly to improve the working and living conditions of the people, and continue towin the people’s trust by delivering solid results in our environmental initiatives.



China is a major maritime nation. For this reason, the protection and management of ocean environments has a bearing not only on China’s development, but also on its national security.

We have come to the stage where urgent action must be taken without delay to address the serious problems of air, water, and soil pollution in China. In responding to these problems, we need to identify clear priorities, adopt striking measures, lay an emphasis onthe rectification of pollution, and strive to attain solid results.
特殊的先行词 stage 可看作地点名词,其后定语从句若缺地点状语时,用where 引导
Their youngest child is at the stage where she can say individual words but not full sentences.词典/英语/stage



China’s water shortages are not only a result of insufficient resources and inadequate water conservancy facilities, but are also due to the effects of pollution.

The establishment of an ecological civilization will call for widespread efforts from society as a whole, and all members of society stand to benefit from sound ecological environments.


摘自:张高丽:大力推进生态文明 努力建设美丽中国(中英对照)

CATTI 汉译英学习(12):中非经贸合作


Against the background of sluggish global economic recovery in recent years, China-Africa trade development has maintained comparatively rapid momentum.



In 2009, China became Africa’s No. 1 trade partner. In the following two years, the scale of China-Africa trade expanded rapidly.

In 2012, the total volume of China-Africa trade reached US$198.49 billion, a year-on-year growth of 19.3%. Of this, US$85.319 billion consisted of China’s exports to Africa, up 16.7%, and US$113.171 billion was contributed by China’s imports from Africa, up 21.4%.


Total China-Africa trade volume, China’s export volume to Africa and China’s import volume from Africa all reached new highs.



Since 2009, Africa has seen a decrease of foreign direct investment,but an accelerated growth of direct investment from China during this same period.



From 2009 to 2012, China’s direct investment in Africa increased from US$1.44 billion to US$2.52 billion, with an annual growth rate of 20.5%. Over the same period, China’s accumulative direct investment in Africa increased from US$9.33 billion to US$21.23 billion, 2.3 times the 2009 figure. 



The rapid growth of China’s direct investment in Africa is indicative ofAfrica’s development potential and investment appeal, and also points to the mutually beneficial nature of China-Africa cooperation.



Infrastructure construction is a starting point for improving the investment environment and people’s livelihoods in Africa, and is of great importance for poverty reduction and development on the continent.


 The Chinese government encourages enterprises and financial institutions to participate in African infrastructure construction,including transportation, communications and electric power projects, in a variety of different ways.



 In 2012, Chinese enterprises completed construction contracts worth US$40.83 billion in Africa, an increase of 45% over 2009, accounting for 35.02% of China’s overseas contract work completed.

Africa has been China’s second largest overseas contract market for four successive years.

Capital, equipment and technologies from China have effectively helped reduce construction costs for African countries and, as a result, their infrastructure situations have gradually improved.



CATTI 汉译英学习(13):中国的军事战略


China’s destiny is vitally interrelated with that of the world as a whole.A prosperous and stable world would provide China with opportunities, while China’s peaceful development also offers an opportunity for the whole world.



China will unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development,pursue an independent foreign policy of peace and a national defense policy that is defensive in nature, oppose hegemonism andpower politics in all forms, and will never seek hegemony or expansion.



China’s armed forces will remain a staunch force in maintaining world peace.



Building a strong national defense and powerful armed forces is a strategic task of China’s modernization drive and a security guarantee for China’s peaceful development.



Subordinate to and serving the national strategic goal, China’s military strategy is an overarching guidance for blueprinting and directing the building and employment of the country’s armed forces.



The world revolution in military affairs (RMA) is proceeding to a new stage. Long-range, precise, smart, stealthy and unmanned weapons and equipment are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Outer space and cyber space have become new commanding heights in strategic competition among all parties. The form of war is accelerating its evolution to informationization.



World major powers are actively adjusting their national security strategies and defense policies, and speeding up their military transformation and force restructuring.



The seas and oceans bear on the enduring peace, lasting stability and sustainable development of China. The traditional mentality thatland outweighs sea must be abandoned, and great importance has to be attached to managing the seas and oceans and protecting maritime rights and interests.



It is necessary for China to develop a modern maritime military force structure commensurate with its national security and development interests, safeguard its national sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, protect the security of strategic SLOCs and overseas interests, and participate in international maritime cooperation, so as to provide strategic support for building itself into a maritime power.


Commensurate with 成比例的; 相称的

Employees are paid salaries commensurate with those of teachers.



At this new historical starting point, China’s armed forces will adapt themselves to new changes in the national security environment,firmly follow the goal of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to build a strong military for the new situation, implement the military strategic guideline of active defense in the new situation, accelerate the modernization of national defense and armed forces, resolutely safeguard China’s sovereignty, security and development interests,and provide a strong guarantee for achieving the national strategic goal of the “two centenaries” and for realizing the Chinese Dream of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

CATTI 汉译英学习(14):新疆生产建设兵团






Xinjiang is situated in the border areas of northwest China. Founding of the XPCC occurred under a special geographical and historical background.



When Xinjiang was peacefully liberated in 1949, the region featured a natural economy, with farming and animal husbandry as the mainstay. Productivity was low and the mode of production was backward.

The seasons change fast, and 60 eventful years have passed since the founding of the XPCC.

Having started from the processing of farm and sideline products, the XPCC has gradually formed an industrial system that features the dominant role of textiles and light industry but also encompasses iron and steel, coal, building materials, electricity, chemical engineering,and machinery production, so laying a solid foundation for Xinjiang’s modern industrialization.



By the end of 2013, the XPCC had 176 regiments, 14 divisions, an area of 70,600 square kilometers under its administration, including 1,244,770 hectares of farmland, and a population of 2,701,400, accounting for 11.9% of Xinjiang’s total population.



The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC) started from scratch 60 years ago. It has since made strenuous efforts to fulfill faithfully the responsibilities the state has entrusted to it to cultivate and guard the border areas.



Despite a harsh natural environment, XPCC workers put down roots in Xinjiang. They have reclaimed ecological oases from the desolate Gobi desert, initiated Xinjiang’s modernization, built large-scale agriculture and industrial and mining enterprises, and established new cities and towns through joining hands with local people of all ethnic groups.


Oases:沙漠中的 绿洲( oasis的名词复数 )



Combining the functions of production, administration, and defense, the XPCC has made indelible contributions to the development of Xinjiang, by promoting unity among ethnic groups, maintaining social stability, and strengthening national border defense.
Indelible /ɪnˈdɛlɪbəl/难忘的

My visit to India in 1986 left an indelible impression on me.


CATTI 汉译英学习(15):一带一路


More than two millennia ago the diligent and courageous people ofEurasia explored and opened up several routes of trade and cultural exchanges that linked the major civilizations of Asia, Europe and Africa, collectively called the Silk Road by later generations.



For thousands of years, the Silk Road Spirit – “peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit” – has been passed from generation to generation, promoted the progress of human civilization, and contributed greatly to the prosperity and development of the countries along the Silk Road.



The Belt and Road run through the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, connecting the vibrant East Asia economic circle at one end and developed European economic circle at the other, andencompassing countries with huge potential for economic development.



The world economic integration is accelerating and regional cooperation is on the upswing.


Burglaries in our town have been on the upswing.




Though proposed by China, the Belt and Road Initiative is a common aspiration of all countries along their routes.



The Belt and Road cooperation features mutual respect and trust, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and mutual learning between civilizations.



The Initiative is an ambitious economic vision of the opening-up of and cooperation among the countries along the Belt and Road. Countries should work in concert and move towards the objectives of mutual benefit and common security.


To make the shaft turn, the muscles work in concert, rhythmically contracting, one pair after another.




Countries along the Belt and Road have their own resource advantages and their economies are mutually complementary.Therefore, there is a great potential and space for cooperation.

Accelerating the building of the Belt and Road can help promote theeconomic prosperity of the countries along the Belt and Road and regional economic cooperation, strengthen exchanges and mutual learning between different civilizations, and promote world peace and development. It is a great undertaking that will benefit people around the world.



China will stay committed to the basic policy of opening-up, build a new pattern of all-round opening-up, and integrate itself deeper into the world economic system.





CATTI 汉译英学习(16):“一国两制”白皮书






“One country, two systems” is a basic state policy the Chinese government has adopted to realize the peaceful reunification of the country.



Following this principle, the Chinese government successfully solved the question of Hong Kong through diplomatic negotiations with the British government, and resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong on July 1, 1997, fulfilling the common aspiration of the Chinese people for the recovery of Hong Kong.


As a result, Hong Kong got rid of colonial rule and returned to theembrace of the motherland, and embarked on the broad road of common development with the mainland, as they complemented each other’s advantages.



On July 1, 1997, the Chinese government resumed its exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong. At the same time, the HKSAR was established and the Basic Law came into effect.


HKSAR = Hong Kong Special Administrative Region



Hong Kong entered a new epoch characterized by “one country, two systems,” “Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong” and a high degree of autonomy.



As members of the big Chinese family, the people of Hong Kong and the people of the mainland share the pride and glory of the great mother country, and bear the common responsibility and mission ofrejuvenation of the Chinese nation.



Hong Kong has maintained and enhanced its status as an international financial, trade and shipping center. As an important international banking center, Hong Kong boasts the world’s sixth-largest securities market and fifth-largest foreign exchange market.



Trade and logistics, tourism, finance, and professional services and support services for industry and commerce continue to play an important role as Hong Kong’s four pillar industries.



Hong Kong ranks high in various lists of international financial centers. As the world’s ninth-largest trading economy, Hong Konghas regular trading ties with almost every country and region in the world.



Cultural and sports activities are flourishing in Hong Kong, where theChinese and foreign cultures intermingle. The HKSAR government encourages the diverse development of Hong Kong’s culture and promotes cultural exchanges.



Hong Kong is one of the world’s largest container shipping ports andfourth-largest ship-registration center. The Hong Kong International Airport is one of the world’s busiest. Its air freight volume has led the world for many years, and its passenger transport volume ranks fifth.



Hong Kong has put in place a multilayer and diversified social security and welfare service system.
Hong Kong has more than 400 social service agencies, and the number of registered social workers has increased from 8,300 at the end of 1998 to more than 18,000 today.

Since the establishment of the HKSAR, the government of the Special Administrative Region has, with energetic support from the central government and the mainland, rallied people of all walks of life in Hong Kong, worked hard and overcome difficulties, made full use of the advantage of the policy of “one country, two systems,” maintained overall social, economic and political stability, promoted the development of all undertakings and made new achievements one after another.

CATTI 汉译英学习(17):社会民生概述


We need to ensure that continuous progress is made in raising living standards, and see that everyone shares in the fruits of development.


Share in

to share in one’s joys




Guided by the vision of people-centered development, we need to continue to strengthen points of weakness in meeting basic needs for the people in order to achieve common prosperity.


We need to fight hard to win the war against poverty and help lift out of poverty all rural residents falling below the current poverty line, and achieve poverty alleviation in all poor counties and areas.



We should put in place a national catalogue of basic public services. We should establish more equitable and sustainable social security systems.


We need to ensure that all schools providing compulsory educationcomply with educational standards, that everyone has access to secondary education, that China has more world-class universities and first-class fields of discipline, and that the average number of years of schooling received by the working-age population increases from 10.23 to 10.8 years.



We need to create 50 million plus new urban jobs. We need to improve the income distribution system, reduce the income gap, and increase the proportion of the middle-income group in the whole populace. 


You use plus after a number or quantity to indicate that the actual number or quantity is greater than the one mentioned. 略多一些的

There are only 35 staff to serve 30,000-plus customers.



We should improve systems of government housing support, which should include the rebuilding of 20 million housing units in rundown urban areas.



We need to work for progress in building a Healthy China and achieve a one-year increase in average life expectancy. We need to respond proactively to population aging. 


We should build a modern system of public cultural services and put into effect cultural programs to boost civic morality and keep Chinese culture thriving. These efforts should enable people not only to enjoy a better life in material terms, but also to live a more enriching intellectual and cultural life.


摘自 2016 政府工作报告


CATTI 汉译英学习(18):外交理念与对外开放




Finally, we will continue to hold aloft the banner of peace, development, cooperation, and mutual benefit, practice the distinctive vision guiding China in conducting its diplomacy as a major country, and safeguard its sovereignty, security, and developmental interests.



We will host the G20 leaders’ summit to promote innovative growth in the global economy and improve global economic and financial governance.


We will step up coordination and cooperation with all other major countries and develop with them relations characterized by positive interaction and win-win cooperation.


Guided by the policy of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit, and inclusiveness in developing relations with our neighbors, we will work with other countries in our region to maintain lasting peaceful relations and coordinated and integrated development.


We will help deepen South-South cooperation, promote common development, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries. We will participate constructively in solving global and sensitive issues.


We will move faster to strengthen our capacity for safeguarding China’s overseas interests and protect the safety of Chinese nationals and legal persons. China will work tirelessly with the rest of the international community to promote the peace and development of all of humanity.



In the face of profound changes in international economic cooperation and competition, and in response to the urgent need to improve the performance of and upgrade China’s economy, we must open wider to the outside world with unwavering resolve. By doing so,we can strengthen new drivers of development, add new forces to propel reform forward, and create new competitive strengths for China.



We will work to secure solid progress in pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative.We will promote domestic regional development and opening up and international economic cooperation in a coordinated way, work with other countries and regions to build overland economic corridors and maritime cooperation hubs, and promote connectivity, economic and trade cooperation, and cultural exchange. We will work to develop cooperative mechanisms for achievingcompatibility in customs clearance procedures along the routes and build international logistics networks.


We will promote the development of border economic cooperation zones, cross-border economic cooperation zones, and overseas economic and trade cooperation zones.
With a commitment to achieving common development and shared growth through joint consultation, we will ensure that the Belt and Road Initiative creates bonds of peace, friendship, and common prosperity.

CATTI 汉译英学习(19):国际法治


October 24th is the United Nations Day. On this day sixty-nine years ago, the Charter of the United Nations, the instrument of international law with the most far-reaching impact on world peace and security in the modern history of international relations, officially came into effect.



On this important day, there is every necessity for us to review the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, reaffirm the commitment to maintaining peace and international rule of law, reject the law of the jungle where the strong do what they want and the weak suffer what they must, and uphold international rule of law, equity and justice.



Since the end of World War II, international rule of law has traversed a zig-zag course, but moved forward in providing an important institutional safeguard for the promotion of world peace and common development.



Upholding international rule of law is a momentous choice China has made based on its own experience.

Fourth, we must uphold the authority of international law, so as to maintain the credibility of international rule of law. Laws must be enforced in a just manner.



In the past 60 years, China has championed the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. These principles have been written into China’s Constitution and communiques on the establishment of diplomatic relations and bilateral treaties with over 160 countries, and they have become the cornerstone of China’s independent foreign policy of peace.


All countries must make international law their common yardstick, exercise their rights in its accordance, fulfill their obligations in good faith and ensure the equal and universal application of international law. National and international judicial institutions should avoid overstepping their authority in interpreting and applying international law. Still less should they encroach on the rights and interests of other countries under the pretext of “the rule of law” in total disregard of objectivity and fairness.



Success hinges on persistence rather than speed. As long as the international community work hand in hand with a firm commitment, they will surely overcome all obstacles and challenges, steadily advance the cause of international rule of law, and bathe the development of mankind in the warm sunshine of international equity and justice.

CATTI 汉译英学习(20):中美旅游合作




Since “two countries’ relation largely relies on people-to-people exchanges”, the enhancement of China-US tourism cooperation has been not only agreed by the two countries’ government but alsowished by their people.



Tours are human activities which reveal refined tastes. One Western philosopher ever said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
As a famous saying by the renowned traveller of ancient China Xu Xiake goes, “Read 10,000 books and travel 10,000 miles”. Now the Chinese travelling enthusiasts say that “Travelling a lot is better than reading a lot.”



Tourism cooperation has become the most active and potential part of China-US economic & trade cooperation and their cultural & people-to-people exchanges.


In the last decade, the tourists travelling between China and the UShave topped 28 million, growing at an average annual rate of 10%. There are averagely 250 flights flying between the two countries per week and those from Chicago to China alone exceeded 30.
The continuous advancement in tourism cooperation brings the two sides economic profits and enhances their people’s understanding and friendship, laying a solid public opinion foundation for a betterChina-US relationship.



Currently, China’s per-capita GDP has stood at about USD 7,000and the spending demands of both urban and rural residents are increasing rapidly.



China will encourage more cities to carry out the 72-hour visa free transit policy for the US tourists and meantime hopes the US can further streamline its entry and exit formalities and take more efficient visa measures so that tourists can have a perfect travelling experience throughout the entire process.

CATTI 汉译英学习(21):信息与网络安全


As the Internet is open to everyone, it needs to be built and managedby all. The governance of the Internet is an important part of global governance. The international community should work together to build a global Internet governance system that is fair and equitable.



The Internet is a strong driving force for world economic growth and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and takes an important place in the future global development agenda.



The 21st century is an era of the Internet and IT application. As amajor cyber state with 618 million Internet users, China attaches great importance to cyber security and IT application and is committed to improving its level of cyber security.



China has always been contributing its part to building and maintaining cyber space and committed to working with the rest of the international community to create a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative cyber space.



Amidst the frequent occurrence of incidents in cyber space, parties concerned should take a constructive approach, engage in dialogue on the basis of mutual respect and trust, and resolve differences through cooperation.



The fast growth of the information and communication technology (ICT) has exerted profound impacts on all aspects of social and economic life of mankind, and offered brand new digital opportunities for the advancement of human civilization. But at the same time, it has also brought unprecedented challenges.



Cybercrime and terrorism have been on the rise. The massive-scalesurveillance activities by an individual country have severely infringed on other countries’ sovereignty and their citizen’s privacy. Cyber-attacks and militarized tendency in cyber space can diminish international security and mutual trust, and the imbalanced development of the Internet worldwide needs to be corrected in a timely way.



Cyber space is a new frontier that deserves our special care. The international community has a shared responsibility to maintain security, stability and prosperity in cyber space.





CATTI 汉译英学习(22)粮食与零饥饿



摘自:Secretary-General’s Message on World Food Day



Every day, more than 840 million people go hungry in a world of plenty.  This fact alone should be cause for moral outrage andconcerted action.



Yet the challenge extends far deeper.
Two billion people suffer from the “hidden hunger” of malnutrition.  Poor nutrition also means some 1.4 billion people are overweight, with about one-third obese and at risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes or other health problems.


The key to better nutrition, and ultimately to ensuring each person’s right to food, lies in better food systems – smarter approaches, policies and investments encompassing the environment, people, institutions and processes by which agricultural products are produced, processed and brought to consumers in a sustainable manner.

I am pleased that many countries around the world have joined our Zero Hunger Challenge and pledged to work together for sustainable food systems.


Together, we can help make sure that everyone has enough nutritious food each and every day.  On this World Food Day, let us aim for achieving zero hunger in our lifetimes for one and all.


CATTI 汉译英学习(23):中国的医疗卫生事业


Good health is a prerequisite for promoting all-round development of the person. And it is a common pursuit of human societies to improve people’s health and ensure their right to medical care.


For China, a large developing country, medical and healthcare is of vital importance to its population of over 1.3 billion, and is a major issue concerning its people’s well being.



Judging from important indicators that give expression to national health, the health of the Chinese people is now among the top in developing countries.

In 2010, the life expectancy was 74.8 years – 72.4 years for males and 77.4 years for females.



China pays great attention to protecting and improving its people’s health. As the Constitution stipulates, “The state develops medical and health services, promotes modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine…, all for the protection of the people’s health.” 



Based on this constitutional stipulation, China has put in place a complete system of laws and regulations concerning medical and health services.



With years of effort, China has made remarkable achievements in the development of its healthcare undertakings, which, however, still fall far short of the public’s demands for healthcare as well as the requirements of economic and social development.



Patriotic health campaign, an invention of China that has been in existence for 60 years so far, is a social welfare undertaking featuring massive public participation and a close relationship with the public health.



Accelerated industrialization, urbanization and ageing of the population have brought about a trend of a continuous and rapid increase in the incidence of chronic diseases and mortality caused by such diseases.

At present, about 260 million Chinese have been diagnosed to have contracted chronic diseases that have caused 85% of total deaths in China and incurred 70% of total medical costs.


By the end of 2011, medical and healthcare institutions around the country totaled 954,000, an increase of 148,000 over 2003.



To put into place basic medical and healthcare systems covering both urban and rural residents, and ensure that every resident has access to safe, effective, convenient and affordable basic medical and health services, China has kept advancing the reform of its medical and healthcare system, and made important achievements in the current stage.



CATTI 汉译英学习(24):数字表达强化(1)


GDP reached 67.7 trillion yuan, representing an increase of 6.9%over the previous year-a growth rate faster than that of most other major economies.



The service sector as a proportion of GDP rose to 50.5%, accounting for more than half for the first time. The contribution of consumption toward economic growth reached 66.4%. High-tech industries and equipment manufacturing grew faster than other industries. Energy consumption per unit of GDP fell by 5.6%.



Every percentage point of GDP growth today is equivalent to 1.5 percentage points of growth five years ago or 2.5 percentage points of growth ten years ago.



Over 64 million urban jobs were created. Government subsidies were used to build 40.13 million housing units in urban areas, providing new homes for around 100 million people. The number of rural residents living in poverty was cut by more than 100 million, and over 300 million rural residents gained access to safe drinking water.



To finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects anddouble the 2010 GDP and per capita personal income by 2020, the economy needs to grow at an average annual rate of at least 6.5%during this five-year period.



Over the next five years, we should aim to ensure that water consumption, energy consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP are cut by 23%, 15%, and 18%, respectively, and that forest coverage reaches 23.04%. 

CATTI 汉译英学习(25):数字表达强化(2)


A workforce of over 900 million, of whom over 100 million have received higher education or are professionally trained: this is our greatest resource and strength.



The government deficit for 2016 is projected to be 2.18 trillion yuan, an increase of 560 billion yuan over last year, meaning the deficit-to-GDP ratio will rise to 3%. Of the deficit, 1.4 trillion yuan will be carried by the central government, and the remaining 780 billion yuan will be carried by local governments.



Through the above policies, the burdens on enterprises and individuals will be cut by more than 500 billion yuan this year.



More than 800 billion yuan will be invested in railway construction, and investment in road construction will reach 1.65 trillion yuan. A further 20 water conservancy projects will be carried out

improve the subsoil of an additional ten million hectares of cropland, and increase the area of cropland covered by efficient water-saving irrigation by 1.33 million hectares



This year, we will help more than ten million rural residents lift themselves out of poverty, including over two million poor residents who are to be relocated from inhospitable areas



The central government will allocate 16 billion yuan to be used in both rural and urban areas for medical assistance and subsidies, an increase of 9.6% over last year.

We will merge the basic medical insurance systems for rural and non-working urban residents and raise government subsidies for the scheme from 380 to 420 yuan per capita per annum.

According to the 2013 statistics of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Hong Kong’s GRP and per-capita GRP, respectively, ranked the 35th and 7th in the world, as calculated by purchasing power parity.



In 2012, these four sectors employed 47.2 percent of Hong Kong’s total working population, and their added value accounted for 58 percent of Hong Kong’s total GRP.



The infant mortality rate dropped from 4 per thousand in 1997 to 1.6 per thousand in 2013, which is among the world’s lowest.



CATTI 汉译英学习(26):城市介绍


Shanghai is a big melting pot with a population largely made up of migrants. This has lead to the development of the city’s colorful culture. Shanghai Boasts a large number of celebrated artists and performing troupes.



Many world-class musicians and artist have come to perform in Shanghai. The city regularly host international TV, film and art festivals. These events have drawn many domestic and overseasparticipants and brought an abundance of high-quality programs to Shanghai audiences.



Tianjin, also known as the diamond of the Bohai Gulf and the gate way to the capital of the People’s Republic of China, has a long andillustrious history. For the visitors today, this legacy can still beglimpsed, in the varied and beautiful architecture, amongst theantiques to be found in the winding streets of the antique market, and with visits to the profusion of religious buildings the litter the city.


illustrious /i’lʌstriəs/






Tianjin High-Tech Developmental Park is one of the first-group high-tech industrial development areas approved by the State Council. The first construction project in National Software and Service Outsourcing Industry Base and Compressive Auxiliary Service Areamarks that National Software and Service Outsourcing Industry Base in Tianjin High-Tech Developmental Park has entered the construction stage.


在四个中央直辖市中,重庆是唯一一个位于东西部交汇处的城市,而其他额直辖市,北京、天津和上海都位于中国东部地区。重庆人口超过3000万,面积 82 000 平方公里,承重山河交错,因此旅游资源十分丰富。重庆的中心城区,被在朝天门外交汇的长江和嘉陵江所包围,依山而建,河流环保,因此重庆也被称为“山城”。

Of the four municipalities directly under the Chinese central government, Chongqing is the only one that is located at the joining sector of eastern China and western China, while the other three, Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai, are all located in eastern China. With a population of over 30 million and an area of 82 000 square kilometers crisscrossed by mountains and rivers, Chongqing is richly endowed with tourist resource. The downtown area,  embraced by the Yangtze and Jialing River that join at Chaotianmen, is a city built on hillside and surrounded by rivers, and therefore, Chongqing is also known as a mountain city.

CATTI 汉译英学习(27):世界旅游发展大会


On behalf of the Chinese government, let me offer warm congratulations on the opening of the conference. I also express sincere welcome to all guests coming from afar, and pay high tribute to those who have long been committed to the development of tourism in the world.



Travel and tourism makes part of the human pursuit for better life; it opens a way to the new and the unknown world.
是······的途径:open a way to 字灵活翻译)



As the economy grew faster and people’ s income got higher, more and more people could afford to travel. This is even more so whentransportation in China is being made increasingly easier.

even more so 甚至更是如此

China is a huge country. It has a long history, a splendid culture and enchanting natural scenery. The Chinese population is multi-ethnic,each with its own uniqueness. All this could be translated into advantage and potential for tourism development.





In 2015, direct contribution and aggregate contribution of tourism to China’s GDP was 4.9% and 10.8% respectively.

That said, tourism is not contributing as much to the economy in China as it does in many other countries.



In 2015, China’s tourism industry directly employed 28 million people, and the total number of jobs created, directly or indirectly, was 80 million. That was roughly 10% of the number of all jobs in the country.

Tourism is the most direct and natural way of people-to-people exchange. It is a window of openness, a bond of friendship and a messenger of peace.



Tourism helps deepen understanding, reduce prejudice and enhance inclusiveness. It thus has a special role to play in ensuring world peace.

Countries need to step up tourism cooperation in various forms and at multiple levels, and need to deepen respect, accommodation and understanding of the different ethnic groups and cultures in the world, so as to strengthen the foundation for friendship.

Tourism, which is among the fastest growing and highly resilient of all sectors, plays a vital role in stimulating global economic recovery. According to the World Bank, one dollar of consumption in tourism can generate 3.2 dollars of growth globally.


which is / as ,避免全篇单调重复使用

Tourism now contributes to about 10% of global GDP and some 30% of services exports worldwide. It surely stands out as the largest sector in the economic mix. In the next 15 years, the number of international visits worldwide will increase from 1.2 billion to 1.8 billion.




 CATTI 汉译英学习(28):网络空间合作





Cyberspace is the common space of activities for mankind. The future of cyberspace should be in the hands of all countries. Countries should step up communications, broaden consensus and deepen cooperation to jointly build a community of shared future in cyberspace.




Today, the rapid advancement of information technology represented by the Internet has brought about new ways of social production, created new space for people’s life, opened new horizons of state governance and enhanced people’s ability to understand and shape the world.


附注:日新月异  the rapid advancement (简化、去修饰)




As the common asset of human society, the Internet has turned the world into a global village. In the interconnected cyberspace, countries are bound together by intertwined interests. It is in the shared interests and also the responsibility of the international community to safeguard peace and security, promote openness and cooperation and foster a community of shared future in cyberspace.




No countries can stay immune from such problems and challenges. The international community can only work together through intensified cooperation in the spirit of mutual respect and mutual understanding and accommodation so as to put in place a rule-based global governance system in cyberspace.


附注:独善其身 stay immune from 在此类官方文件中出现频率较高




The 21st century is an era of the Internet and IT application. At a new historical starting point, China has set out a national strategy for cyber development, which is a major step to implement the four-pronged comprehensive strategy, attain the two centenary goals and realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. China has been contributing its part to building and maintaining cyberspace. The development of China’s cyber and information sector will not only benefit the Chinese people, but also contribute to a secure and growing global Internet.




the four-pronged comprehensive strategy




the two centenary goals




While moving forward with the national strategy for cyber development, China will, guided by the vision for a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation, work with the international community to strengthen communication, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, forge partnership and build a community of shared future for mankind, thus making greater contribution to a secure, stable and prosperous cyberspace.




CATTI 汉译英学习(29):金砖国家合作




BRICS cooperation started in 2006. The 10 years that followed has been a decade of hard work and great achievements. Thanks to the commitment of all members, BRICS has grown into a big tree laden with fruits.


十年耕耘,十年收获  a decade of hard work and great achievements


枝繁叶茂、硕果累累 a big tree laden with fruits


茁壮成长 grow


悉心浇灌 commitment




We have stood together in face of challenges to perform a miracle of economic development and set a paradigm of South-South cooperation.




Ten years on, BRICS, once an investment term in some economic report, has gained global visibility and become a shining example of cooperation among emerging markets and developing countries.



The BRICS mechanism did not come about by chance. Its inception conformed to the evolving international landscape and the shifting balance of power, echoed the strong aspiration of emerging markets and developing countries for a bigger role in international affairs, and answered the call of people across the world for a joint response to global challenges, thus serving the common interests of the international community.




Today, BRICS has grown into an important force for promoting global growth, improving global governance and advancing democracy in international relations.




According to the IMF, BRICS countries and other emerging markets and developing countries contributed 80% of global growth in 2016.



Our journey over the past decade is the very source of our conviction that our endowment as well as our advantage as a latecomer remain unchanged and that our development is gaining momentum, not losing steam.



The internal impetus and huge potential for BRICS cooperation remain unchanged and the space for such cooperation is expanding, not shrinking. The historical trend of BRICS playing a bigger role in international affairs remains unchanged and the international expectation on BRICS is growing, not declining.




From this new starting point, we should and can usher in a still more brilliant decade of BRICS cooperation.






Known as the land of fish and rice, Jiangsu enjoys a long history and splendid culture, and has made great progress in its economic and social development through reform and opening-up. I wish to thank the Jiangsu provincial government and Nanjing municipal government for their thoughtful arrangements of this meeting.




To quote a line from a Chinese poem, now is the season when “the vernal wind has greened the Southern shore again. It’s also a season of sowing. I believe the efforts by the Sherpas, important aids to the leaders, will sow the seed of success for the summit. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.


Vernal /ˈvɜːnəl/  春天的; 在春季发生的


CATTI 汉译英学习(30):城市介绍之无锡






Wuxi is a small city in southern Jiangsu Province, situated between Nanjing and Shanghai. Around 6, 000 years ago, a primitive tribe settled there, and the present- day Wuxi began to take shape in the second century B. C. At that time, a tin mine was excavated at Xishan to the southwest of the city. Upon the discovery of tin there, that area was given the name Youxi, meaning “there is tin”.


As time went on, all the tin was mined up, and the area known as “there is tin” came to be known as Wuxi, that is, “no more tin”.




Wuxi overlooks Lake Tai on the south, and lies next to Mount Hui on the west, both of them being major local scenic areas. In addition, the ancient Grand Canal between Beijing and Hangzhou, and the Beijing- Shanghai railway both pass through this region. Lake Tai is one of China’ s five major freshwater lakes, with a surface area of 36, 000 hectares. Scattered along its banks are over a hundred small islands and 72 mountain peaks. Several thousand years ago this area was a shallow bay. Later, as the Yangtze River delta gradually expanded and became linked to dykes and dams of the sea harbor, the area became an inland freshwater lake, and what were originally islands became mountain peaks. Lake Tai, with its misty waters ringed by jagged mountain peaks, is a marvelous scenic wonder.




The Wuxi segment of the Grand Canal runs 40 kilometers, of which 14. 6 kilometers run through the city itself. The canal has a history of 2, 400 years, and still flows freely today, passing through many historical sites like a green belt. Digging on the Grand Canal began in the fifth century B. C. Its total length is 1, 794 kilometers, and, along with the Great Wall, it is one of the symbols of China’ s magnificent ancient civilization. The Wuxi segment of the Grand Canal is both narrow and deep. It is flanked on both sides by row upon row of traditional Chinese dwellings with black- tile roofs and white walls.




Every year Wuxi hosts many tourist activities. From October 2 to 14 this year, the city will hold the “Wuxi Lake Tai International Fishing Contest”. All those interested, groups or individuals, professionals or amateurs, are invited to register and take part.

CATTI 汉译英学习(31):英国皇家植物园简介


伦敦有许多美丽的公园和花园,但基尤植物园景色最美。它每天都开放,乘公共汽车从伦敦市中心出发只需20 分钟就可到达。一年四季都可以看到各种各样的花,在这个植物园里10 万种不同的植物是从许多国家采集来的。


London has many beautiful parks and gardens but Kew Gardens is the most beautiful of all. It’ s only twenty minutes by bus from the middle of London and it’ s open every day. All through the year you can see lots of flowers, because Kew gets its plants —100, 000 different ones —from many countries.


喜爱温暖气候的植物生长在玻璃房中,我们把这些玻璃房称为温室,最大的是棕榈温室,它有将近150 年的历史。


The plants that like hot weather live in glass houses, which we call greenhouses. The biggest is the Palm House. It’ s nearly 150 years old.


棕榈温室的构思很巧妙。大量的阳光能够射进来照在植物上。在温室内,你可以爬到20 米高的阶梯顶端,从上往下观看棕榈树、桔子树和香蕉树,其景色令人心旷神怡。(208 字)


The idea of the Palm House is clever. A lot of light can get in to the plants. Inside you can climb a stair twenty metres to the top. It’ s exciting to look down on palm trees, oranges and bananas.




来源同上篇。英文为原文。Kew Gardens 是英国的皇家植物园,由若干个花园组成,作一个整体看,所以动词用单数。这个植物园还有一个译名,叫“邱园”。

CATTI 汉译英学习(32):文物介绍




In Shanghai Museum, one finds a treasure of the Western Han period, the “penetrative bronze mirror”,  measuring 11. 5 cm in diameter. Like ordinary bronze mirrors, it bears patterns and inscriptions on the back.




But what amazes people is that when a bundle of rays is projected onto the surface of the mirror, which, in turn, reflects the light onto the wall, the patterns and inscriptions on the backside are shown in the ring of the light, as if they had penetrated the whole thickness of the mirror. Hence the name of the mirror.




For a long time in the past, even scientists were so puzzled at the phenomenon that it was called a “magic mirror.”




Today, reproductions of this mirror are being made and sold as souvenirs and they appeal very much to tourists. In ancient times, bronze mirrors were very often used as sacrificial objects.




In the ancient tombs, one can always expect to find bronze mirrors placed on top of the head or beside the chest of the dead. Sometimes, bronze mirrors and combs were put together in lacquer boxes or small pouches.




In unearthing ancient tombs, bronze mirrors were sometimes discovered on the inner topsides, in order to keep away evil spirits and subdue demons, so it was said.


摘自杨晓荣 《汉英翻译基础教程》

 CATTI 汉译英学习(33):景区介绍之长江三峡

举世闻名的长江三峡是瞿塘峡、巫峡和西陵峡的总称,它西起重庆市奉节县白帝城,东至湖北省宜昌市的南津关,全长193 公里。


The world- famous Three Gorges is the joint name for Qutang Gorge, Wuxia Gorge and Xiling Gorge. It extends from the White Emperor’ s Town in Fengjie County, Chongqing City in the west to the Nanjin Pass in Yichang City, Hubei Province in the east, with a total length of 193 kilometers.




All the way along, the Yangtze River cuts through high mountains and surges eastward, with precipitous cliffs and towering peaks reaching to the skies on both sides.




Rapid torrents twist and turn, roaring through the gorges against curling clouds and whirling mists, presenting a great variety of majestic scenes. For its being magnificent, perilous, grotesque and tranquil at the same time, the Three Gorges is well- known as the major tourist attraction on the traveling route of the Yangtze River.


风景名胜如同颗颗明珠,由金色的长江串联起来,成为海内外游人十分向往的旅游热线。(164 字)


Scenic spots and historic sites shine like a string of pearls on the golden River, offering a hot traveling route eagerly taken by tourists at home and abroad.




Pass /pɑːs/关口;要隘
Precipitous /prɪˈsɪpɪtəs/  险峻的; 陡峭的
Grotesque /ɡrəʊˈtɛsk/ 奇形怪状的,怪诞的
Perilous /ˈpɛrɪləs/ 险恶的
Majestic /məˈdʒɛstɪk/  壮丽的; 雄伟的
Tranquil /ˈtræŋkwɪl/  宁静的
Whirl /wɜːl/  快速旋转






 CATTI 汉译英学习(34):景区介绍之峨眉山

本篇摘自贾文波 《汉英时文翻译高级教程》,相比其他文章,更贴近工作实际。为实现功能对等,作者在翻译中有简略处理。考试中仅供参考。


峨眉山位于中国西南部的四川省,距成都156 公里,走高速公路需1. 5 小时。


Taking 1. 5- hour drive for 156 kilometers along the expressway from Chengdu City in the Sichuan basin, southwest of China, you’ ll arrive at the well- known scenic spot Mt. Emei.




Ascending its summit Jinding( the Golden Top), you can enjoy from the top a wonderful mountainous spectacle, seeing below range upon range of rolling mountains stretching westward, all covered with snow, and a wide expanse of flat land lying in an eastward distance. The Mount Emei boasts of such 4 natural wonders as clouds sea, sunrise, “Buddha’ s Halo”, and “Holy Lamp”, as well as its natural landscapes.


中部群山峰峦叠嶂,含烟凝翠,飞瀑流泉,鸟语花香,草木茂而风光秀,是我国著名的游览胜地,1996 年被联合国教科文组织列入“世界自然与文化遗产”。


When entering the mountains, you’ ll find yourself among large- green- woods, exuberant vegetation and flowers, quiet streams, roaring waterfalls, etc., then you’ ll know the reason why it is entitled to one of the best- known tourist attractions in China.


It thus has been listed as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).




Filled with weird peaks, tranquil valleys, winding roads, abrupt waterfalls, luxuriant vegetation, aged trees as well as wild animals (especially the playing monkey groups), the mountainous scenery abounds in changes with seasons, which earns Mt. Emei the reputation of “The Most Elegant Mountain” in China.


















摘自贾文波 《汉英时文翻译高级教程》


CATTI 汉译英学习(35):创业园简介





Xiamen Hi-tech Entrepreneurial Center and Xiamen Entrepreneurial Park for Returned Overseas Scholars have adopted favorable policies to support returned overseas Chinese scholars to start up their own businesses. So far there are 235 start-ups in the park, of which 197 are run by people with overseas educational background, and 10 businesses have their annual output value reaching over 10 million yuan each.




Twin Win Automatic Technologies Co., Ltd leads in the country in the production of the manufacturing equipment of mobile phone press keys. The products of the company are exported to France and Singapore.




Twin Win Automatic Technologies was run by only three overseas scholars returned from Singapore in the entrepreneurial park in 2003. The park not only provided a financial support of 100 000 yuan to them but also opened channels for the entry of their products into the market.




Statistics show that 74 businesses were newly registered in the entrepreneurial park in 2004, among which 55 are run by returned overseas scholars. So far 110 overseas scholars, with 73% holding the Master’s or advanced degrees, have been attracted to Xiamen to start up their own businesses.




By the end of 2004, Xiamen Entrepreneurial Park for Returned Overseas Scholars has developed in to a largest Sci-tech entrepreneurial base with complete supporting facilities.




企业宣传资料在英语里称作corporate promotional material,主 要包括文字性广告、公司简介和产品使用说明等,属“宣传鼓动” (vocative)或 “施加影响” (operative)类语篇。


在语言表现形式和行文结构上,英语广告以通俗易懂、富于表 现力的日常口语为基础,使用鼓动性语言,常有用词新异、奇特, 善用修辞手法等特点,大量使用陈述句、祈使句、疑问句,以及名 词、形容词、不定式和介词短语等;产品说明书则具备遣词造句通 俗易懂,产品及服务描述简要、准确等特点;公司简介则常常分几 小块组合而成,并使用第一人称we ,以示贴近消费者。


汉语则不同,广告多表现为喜用四字成语和四字、 五字、六字、七字等并列结构、讲究工整对仗;产品说明书和公司 简介则体现出大量使用辞藻华丽的形容词和修饰语、产品特征介绍详细、全文一整块直通到底等特点。


中文公司简介、产品说明书等企业宣传资料 ···· 往往平铺直叙,不重实质信息,习惯使用概念式及空洞夸大的描述性语言,几乎无一例外都要交代大、中专毕业生有多少人, 中、高级职称者有多少人,直属某某部委管辖,由某某部定点生产等,热衷于罗列大到全国、小到地县的各种奖项,并加以冗长累赘的细节描述。








The company boasts tremendous technological strength with a well-qualified management and staff.


在中文语境中,“大、中专毕业以上的技术、管理人才占员工总数的30以上”也许可以算得上是“公司拥有雄厚的技术力量” 的证明,但在英语语境中就会显得牵强可笑,若直译将完全不利于译文预期功能的实现。因此这里需做必要的删减,去掉一些细节,进行概括性翻译。




英文企业宣传资料的特点:直入主题,信息具体实在,用事实和数字说明问题,鼓动性语言(如将公司拟人化、夸张手法的使用等),国际知名行业刊物的显赫排名(如《财富500强)。这些是英语语境 中习见的公司简介组篇行文方式,是打动英语客户的习惯模式。


翻译公司简介时,要注意做必要的删减,删去冗词和无足轻重的信息,如果内容较长,可考虑按照英文习惯,把原文结构打乱, 分小标题独立成几块组合而成。


在企业宣传资料翻译中,由于针对译语读者的宣传效果及其在译语社会中的商业效益远比文字信息传递来得更为重要,译文与原 文之间的一致性(包括形式和内容)要求最低。


把原文内容和文字 生搬硬套进译文,很可能吃力不讨好。企业宣传的目的只有一个,就是促销,增加企业利润。译者必须时刻牢记在心并以此决定翻译 策略。为了在译语语境中实现“施加影响”的译文预期功能,首先必须入乡随俗,遵循译入语的表达规范和结构特点。再有就是在必 要时用符合译文读者接受期望,与译文预期目的相符,得体充分的 表达形式进行改写。由于原语和译语语用习惯的不同,一些原语读 者认为可以接受,缺乏科学性的过头表达可能在译语中因为难以置信而无法被读者接受,从而影响译文功能。在这种情况下,译者应 根据译语语用和接受习惯做适当调整。交际语境是实现各类企业宣 传语篇功能的重要因素,也就是说,衡量一个出色的企业宣传译文 的标准是,它必须与预期读者的文化背景、美学期待和道德观念保 持一致。


英语企业宣传资料注重突出公司形象及产品,充 分表述事实,传输实质信息,用事实和数字说话;而汉语企业宣传 资料,尤其是公司简介,产品说明等,则表现为平铺直叙,长篇大 论,喜欢重墨渲染一些枝节信息,大量使用概念式及空洞夸大的描 述性套话,如“历史悠久、人杰地灵”等;习惯罗列权威机构的认 证及大到全国、小到地县的各种奖项,并加以细节描述。另外,中 文产品说明书除介绍产品特点、性能、规格、用途、使用方法及注 意事项外,还常常夹以广告性语言,说明、宣传合二为一。


中国食品说明(广告)的特征之一是所涉及的食物几乎无一例 外具有医用价值,其功效往往被吹得天花乱坠,几乎令人怀疑真正 的药品是否还具有存在价值。中国人信食疗,所以吹尽管吹,相信 者大有人在。但若直译为英语,要么读者被误导(食物的药力毕竟 有限),更可能发生的情况是读者觉得完全难以置信而拒绝接受。 译者在翻译时就要注意做些“淡化” 改写处理。


CATTI 汉译英学习(36):宾馆酒店介绍



The Rongshan Hotel is set in the central district of Fuzhou City,  Fujian Province.  It  is an ideal resort for travelers and tourists, beautiful, well-equipped and easy to reach. Over 300 luxury suites in the hotel are quiet and private.




Six grand restaurants serve a variety of Chinese and western cuisine, offering a good service and a home-like atmosphere. Complete facilities in the hotel for leisure or  fitness will give you a break from the day’s stress and an enjoyment in exercise.




The hotel’s modern commercial service center with advanced telecommunication  facilities and multifunctional conference halls will make your work very efficient and  easy, though far away from your office.


摘自贾文波 《汉英时文翻译高级教程》| 部分内容有删改






If something is set in a particular place or position, it is in that place or position.


处于…的; 位于…的


例:The castle is set in 25 acres of beautiful grounds.




扩展延伸:悉尼 Grace 酒店介绍




Built by the Grace Brothers in the 1920s as a showpiece of their successful retail business, The Grace Hotel has been beautifully restored to its former glory, making it one of Sydney’s most prominent historical landmarks, a fine example of Neo-Gothic architecture with contrasting Art Deco interior.


Located in the heart of Sydney, this heritage-listed hotel offers a warm and personal service with the luxury of a 4 1/2 star hotel exuding a unique blend of old world charm with modern comfort to meet the needs of guests today.


The Grace Hotel is superbly located in the centre of Sydney’s Central Business District, on the corner of King and York streets, and is only minutes away from these exciting and bustling hubs; George Street, Pitt Street Mall, the Queen Victoria Building, Darling Harbour, Martin Place, Circular Quay and The Rocks.


Relax and keep fit at our rooftop recreation centre with a gym, heated indoor lap pool, sauna and steam room. If you are in the mood to indulge, wine and dine in the relaxed and intimate ambience of Grace Brasserie. Enjoy complimentary WiFi throughout the hotel to catch up with work or connect with your loved ones.


Payment Methods


Credit cards and payment methods accepted: American Express, Diners, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, EFTPOS and cash. All credit card payments will incur a service fee of 1.5%.




Complimentary  [,kɔmpli’mentəri]


A complimentary seat, ticket, or book is given to you free. 免费赠送的


He had complimentary tickets to take his wife to see the film.




CATTI 汉译英学习(37):景德镇、玉龙雪山简介




Jingdezhen is a brilliant pearl in the world’s art garden of ceramics. It has a porcelain making history of over 1700 years, which has been crystallized into its rich cultural tradition of ceramics.




Rare ceramic relics, superb ceramic craftsmanship, unique ceramic customs, graceful performance of ceramic musical instruments and beautiful rural scenery make up the peculiar tourist culture of Jingdezhen and hence make it the only Chinese tourist city featuring ceramic culture.


玉龙雪山指的是丽江附近高大的山峰。这些山脉南部离古城区北部只有 30 公里左右。


Yulong Snow Mountains are tall peaks near Lijiang. The southern part of these mountains is about 30 kilometers north of the Ancient City District.




The Yulong Snow Mountains ski area is a popular place for local people to go to in winter. Few people ski, but they like to go there to play in the snow.




It has a beginner’s ski field about a half kilometer long that is useful when the weather is fine in winter. But it is only good for one-day tour. It isn’t a resort.


山脉的最高峰叫作“扇子陡”,它的海拔有 5596 米高。


The tallest peak of the mountains is called Shanzidou, and it is at an elevation of 5,596 meters.






Elevation /ˌɛlɪˈveɪʃən/


The elevation of a place is its height above sea level. 海拔


We’re probably at an elevation of about 13,000 feet above sea level.




Relic /ˈrɛlɪk/ 遗物; 遗迹


Germany’s asylum law is a relic of an era in European history that has passed.


 CATTI 汉译英学习(38):能源投资






We have traveled a journey from the discovery of fire to the use of electricity, and from the excavation of fossil fuels to the rapid development of renewable energies. And every time, the discovery of a new source of energy and the replacement of the old always played a crucial role in human progress. The reasons are simple.




Large scale exploitation and application of energy helps increase productivity in a dramatic way. This stimulates scientific and technological progress. This reduces the distance between countries and regions. And this drives economic globalization.




However, the development and use of energy also create environmental and security problems, which have posed challenges for us all.




The growth of population and economy leads to immense increase of energy consumption. The global ecological and environmental system is now under huge pressure. Global challenges such as climate change and energy security are increasingly acute.




For all seven billion people on this planet, the earth is our only home. We have only one choice, and that is to cherish and care for our home.




We must not exhaust all the resources passed on to us by previous generations and leave nothing to our children, or pursue development in a destructive way.




Clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver. We must maintain harmony between man and nature and pursue sustainable development.




And there is only one way to do this, and that is to go green and go low-carbon. This is how we can grow the world economy in a sustainable way.




At present, China has greater installed capacity in hydropower, wind power and solar power than any other country in the world.




Of the total energy consumption in 2016 (4.36 billion tons of standard coal), non-fossil fuel accounted for 13.3%, which was 1.3 percentage points higher than the previous year.




In the first three quarters of last year, GDP per unit of energy use downed by 5.2% year on year. Such progress is largely attributed to green development.




As urbanization and agricultural modernization remains an ongoing process in China, energy conservation and emission reduction becomes a daunting task. One example is the autumn and winter haze resulting from air pollution.




China is taking on this task. We will strive to make the growth in energy supply mainly green and low-carbon. To this end, we have set a number of targets to be met by 2020.


These include:Increasing the share of non-fossil fuel in primary energy consumption to 15%,


Increasing the proportion of natural gas to at least 10%,

And keeping the percentage of coal consumption below 58%.

This will enable us to reach the emissions peak before 2030.




Energy cooperation features prominently in the win-win cooperation between our two countries. China and the UK have had cooperation in the field of fossil fuels, such as oil and gas. Meanwhile, our cooperation on clean and renewable energy is showing a strong momentum.




Chinese companies are actively involved in Britain’s new energy projects, from nuclear power plants to offshore wind farms, from solar energy projects to biomass electricity generation.




Their growing cooperation with the UK also includes next-generation green transport. The most familiar examples are the zero-emission electric bus and the ultra-low-emission London Black Cabs.




China has a complete nuclear industrial chain, mature nuclear power technology, world-class equipment building and rich construction experience.


China is also a world leader in the field of solar power technology, both R&D and application.






2017 is a year for consolidating the Golden Era of China-UK relations. 2017 also marks the 45th anniversary of the Ambassadorial-level diplomatic ties between China and Britain.




There are certainly new opportunities for China-UK relations. Energy cooperation, among others, should be our focus for producing more golden fruits.




 CATTI 汉译英学习(39):农业与粮食问题



China is a big populous country with complex national conditions. In the process of agricultural modernization, we will stick to the fundamental role of family farming in agriculture and continue to promote multi-form innovative ways of agricultural operation.




On the basis of effectively protecting farmers’ land rights and interests and respecting their will, we encourage farmers, as their conditions are ready, to transfer their land management right to others; we also encourage farmers’ union and cooperation.




In recent years, the number of Chinese household farms has increased to 870,000, with an average scale of 13 hectares (or 200 mu), and farmers’ cooperatives, exceeding 1.1 million in number, have become an important force and development direction in agricultural modernization.



To promote farm operation with an appropriate scale and develop modern agriculture on the basis of family farming will help better feed China, thus contributing to world food security.



Food for all is, for mankind, the most fundamental right of survival, which serves as the basis for all other human rights. Great progress has been made in the global agricultural development. Yet hunger and poverty have remained a “silent crisis”. They are like the “Achilles heel”, deeply troubling all human beings.




China’s agricultural cooperation with other countries, in particular developing countries, has been on the fast track. In recent years, we have set up agricultural technology demonstration centers, experimental stations and promotion stations in nearly 100 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific. We have sent over 30,000 agricultural experts and technicians to these countries and helped them to train a large number of technicians of their own.



The Chinese of my generation had suffered from hunger, so we share the feelings with people who are still suffering from hunger. We hope to see hunger and poverty eliminated in the whole world and we are willing to share with other countries agricultural technologies, experience and development models. In fact, China’s improved hybrid rice strains have already benefited many countries.


来源:Promote Agricultural Modernization Through Family Farming



CATTI 汉译英学习(40):澜沧江—湄公河合作









China and the five Mekong River countries share the same mountains and rivers. We are long-standing friends, natural partners and close neighbors.




China has established comprehensive strategic partnerships with all the five countries. Our interests are closely intertwined, and our cooperation is solidly-based.




In 2015, China’s total trade with the five countries reached US$193.9 billion, and mutual visits exceeded 15 million. China is now the largest trading partner of Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, and it is the top investor in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar.




Against this backdrop, the Lancang-Mekong cooperation mechanism has been launched to better leverage the geographical proximity, cultural affinity and economic complementarity of our six countries and generate great domestic development potential. Such a timely move will also help to inject fresh impetus to development and to betterment of people’s lives in Asia as a whole.




For Asia to achieve development, there must be an environment of peaceand stability. Such an environment brings benefits to Lancang-Mekong countriesand provides the basis for Lancang-Mekong cooperation and development.




China and the five Mekong River countries are as closely linked as lips and teeth. We enjoy the fine tradition of mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual assistance and harmonious coexistence. This puts us in a favorable position for cooperation.




China and Mekong countries enjoy geographical proximity, cultural affinity and close people-to-people ties. The number of Chinese tourists traveling to the five Mekong countries has been growing each year to reach 12.8 million visits in 2015. China has become the largest source of tourists for Thailand and Vietnam.




In recent years, young people in Mekong countries have become more enthusiastic about learning the Chinese language. In 2015, China and the five Mekong countries exchanged over 60,000 students in total.




Production capacity cooperation will further strengthen the existing close economic ties among the Lancang-Mekong countries. Member countries will enhance production capacity cooperation to share the opportunities, meet common challenges, achieve sustainable development and common prosperity to the benefits of our people.




Step up both hardware and software connectivity among the LMC countries. Improve the Lancang-Mekong rivers, roads and railways network, push forward key infrastructure projects to build a comprehensive connectivity network of highway, railway, waterway, ports and air linkages in the Lancang-Mekong region; expedite the construction of network of power grids, telecommunication and the Internet; implement trade facilitation measures, promote trade and investment and facilitate business travel.






 CATTI 汉译英学习(41):城镇化发展




At present, China is faced with both tremendous opportunities and many difficulties in its urbanization efforts.


It is particularly important to note that never in the history of human development has a country like China, a large developing country with a population of 1.3 billion, attempted to urbanize.




China can no longer urbanize by taking the old path of seeking inefficient and blind development, creating an imbalance between population and land, relying on borrowed money and damaging the environment; in fact that path will lead the country nowhere.


China must aim for the right target, take a correct approach and open a new road.




The following should be China’s guiding thought for urbanization: to proceed from its basic national conditions,observe objective laws and make the best use of the current situation to ensure that urbanization is a process of development in which the country acts when the situation is advantageous and success comes naturally.


China needs to make sure that about 60 percent of its people become permanent urban residents by 2020.




At present, the main tasks for urbanization are to grant urban residency to more rural migrant workers and other rural people who have moved to cities; make more efficient use of urban land for construction purposes and prevent too much land from being expropriated for urbanization and used inefficiently; establish a diversified and sustainable mechanism for funding urbanization; put an end to China’s over reliance on land-based finance;




improve the structure and form of urbanization and the living environment; raise the level of urbanization, realistically define what a city should be like and make proper plans for its development; and improve the management of urbanization.




In pursuing urbanization, China needs to respect and be in tune with nature and ensure unity between man and nature.


Making use of current mountains, waters and other unique landscapes, China needs to integrate cities into nature so urban dwellers can enjoy the view of mountains and waters and are reminded of their hometowns.









If a government or other authority expropriates someone’s property, they take it away from them for public use.


The Bolsheviks expropriated the property of the landowners.


CATTI 汉译英学习(42):红军长征胜利80周年



The Long March took place at a dark time in Chinese history, a time when China had been reduced to a semi-colonial, semi-feudal country, when crisis lurked in all corners, and when the Japanese aggressors brutally invaded our lands. The reactionary Kuomintang (KMT), ignoring the peril of the nation, launched a series of large-scale “encirclement and eradication” campaigns in an attempt to wipe out the revolutionary bases of the Communist Party of China (CPC). This was a critical moment for the CPC and the Red Army, for China’s revolution, and for the Chinese nation.




During the Long March, through its tireless searching, the CPC was able to link its own fight for survival with the fight to save the nation, and link the overall direction of the Long March with the establishment of a forward position against Japanese aggression. In doing so, it shifted from a revolutionary fight within China to a national war of resistance against Japanese aggression, thus laying down a solid foundation for the Chinese people’s victory in the war of resistance and in turn the victory of the New Democratic Revolution.




The victory of the Long March allowed the CPC to establish and rapidly develop a number of revolutionary bases, the most central of which was the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Revolutionary Base. Thanks to these bases, the spark of the revolution spread across the entire country like wildfire, pushing the revolution to a new climax.




Adversity breeds success. The sheer duration, scale, distance, severity, and ferocity of the Long March were not only unparalleled in Chinese history, but almost totally unheard of in the history of war and human civilization.




There is no easy path to realizing a great ideal. To secure new progress in our effort to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics, yield new results in our effort to advance the great new undertaking of Party-building, and claim new victories in a great struggle with many new historical features,




there are still many “snow-capped peaks” that we must scale, many “grasslands” that we must cross, and also many “Loushan Passes” and “Lazikou Passes” that we must conquer. There can be no room for any desire for ease and comfort, any unwillingness to keep on fighting; and there can be no room for any arrogance and complacency, any lack of drive to carry on forging ahead.




The blueprint has been drawn, and now we must forge ahead. As we advance on this path, we must vigorously promote the spirit of the Long March, and draw on this spirit to inspire and encourage the whole CPC, military, and all Chinese people, especially young people, to devote themselves to making the country strong; to continue the great cause our predecessors started; and to write a new, glorious chapter in our new long march to attain the “Two Centenary Goals” and realize the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.




CATTI 汉译英学习(43):科技文本

摘自陈宏薇 李亚丹《新编汉英翻译教程》




During the reign of the Emperor Kang Xi (1662 -1722) in the Qing Dynasty, a complete geographical survey of the empire was carried out in preparing Huang Yu Quan Tu (Complete Atlas of the Imperial Domain). The European method of regarding the earth’s surface as a sphere was adopted. Latitude and longitude surveys were done and the projection method was used in drawing the map.




Nevertheless, the traditional Chinese rules of map-making – accurate proportion, correct orientation and precise distance – were closely adhered to by cartographers of those days.




Today citrus are extensively grown in the 15 provinces and areas south of the Changjiang River Valley.


柑橘类果树虽然喜温,但是经我国历代劳动人民精心培育,提高了它的越冬性,成功地培育出了抗寒品种。在栽培上又总结出了用实生树引种驯化,提早进 入休眠期,以及培土壅根等措施。


As such plants favor a warm climate, new varieties with better cold resistance have been cultivated through the efforts of generations of the Chinese people, who have also worked out such measures to domesticate foreign seedlings, move up the rest period and hill up the roots.




Since ancient times people have known that the plants should be located in areas free from wind and frost. But today with those measures, citrus growth keeps increasing in those places despite periodic frosts.

CATTI 汉译英学习(44):居民消费





We will continue to advance the Ten Initiatives for Boosting Consumer Spending; respond to new trends in consumer demand; promote reform and innovation so as to increase effective supply to consumers, especially in service and green industries; and keep consumption growing steadily. Total retail sales of consumer goods are expected to increase by around 10% in 2017.




Restrictions on entry into service industries will be loosened and regulation over investment in the social domain will be relaxed. We will work to develop emerging areas of consumption such as combined medical and care services for the elderly, cultural & creative industries, and all-for-one tourism, and support nongovernmental participants in providing educational,cultural, elderly care, and medical services.




Efforts will be made to promote consumption of information goods and services in areas such as digital homes, online education, and virtual reality. We will launch campaigns to speed up innovations in domestic commodity distribution, promote supply-side structural reform, and boost consumer spending. We will promote the integrated development of brick-and-mortar stores and online shopping.




China time-honored brands will be protected and carried forward. We will ensure that more domestically sold products come off the same production lines, meet the same standards, and are of the same quality as export products. We will work to achieve robust development in cold-chain logistics.




Sound systems will be established to ensure the quality and safety standards of food and medicine and to allow for product traceability. Pricing oversight will be intensified and law enforcement will be stepped up to tackle monopolistic pricing so as to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.




We will enhance incentive-based income distribution reform, implement incentive plans for key groups, and carry out trials for comprehensive and coordinated policies on increasing urban and rural incomes.




全域旅游(all-for-one tourism)”,是指将一个区域作为旅游目的地(tourist destination)来建设和运作,实现区域资源有机整合、产业融合发展(integrated development)、社会共建共享,以旅游业带动和促进经济社会协调发展(promote coordinated development of the economy and society)。


突破行业、部门、区域局限,把旅游业放到推进新型工业化、城镇化、信息化和农业现代化(promote a new type of industrialization, urbanization, IT application and agricultural modernization)的大格局中来谋划,促进旅游业与生态、文化、体育等产业深度融合(deep integration),形成多点支撑的 (be driven by multiple props, be brought by multi-stimuli/multiple driving forces)大旅游发展格局。


在”全域旅游”格局中,到处都是风景(scenery/landscape),而非到处都是景点景区(scenic spots and tourist sites);到处都有接待服务(reception services),而非到处都是宾馆饭店。 (CHINADAILY)



CATTI 汉译英学习(45):教育扶贫




China’s Progress in Poverty Reduction and Human Rights




During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, China prioritized education in its effort to eradicate poverty. The measures included: continuing to promote the balanced development of compulsory education, closing the gap in education between urban and rural areas, improving education infrastructure in impoverished areas




implementing the Action Plan for Three-Year Preschool Education, offering cost-of-living subsidies to teachers in rural areas, and enrolling students from poverty-stricken areas, exempting their tuition fees at secondary vocational schools, and allotting living subsidies to the students.




In 2012-2015, the central government injected RMB83.1 billion into poor compulsory education schools, and RMB14 billion to build 244,000 dormitory units for 300,000 teachers in remote rural areas.




The state carried out a three-year action plan to promote preschool education, increasing the nation’s three-year preschool gross enrollment rate from 62.3 percent in 2011 to 75 percent in 2015. In central and western China, the number of children enrolled in kindergartens rose from 21.53 million in 2011 to 27.89 million in 2015, up 30 percent.




In 2013-2015, the central government allotted RMB4.4 billion for cost-of-living subsidies for rural teachers in contiguous poverty-stricken areas, benefiting over one million teachers in 600 counties.




A directional enrollment program was carried out in poverty-stricken areas, enrolling 183,000 students in 832 impoverished counties from 2012 to 2015. In 2013-2015, the annual growth rate of rural students from poor areas enrolled in key universities was kept above 10 percent.





Contiguous /kənˈtɪɡjʊəs/  邻近的


Its vineyards are virtually contiguous with those of Ausone.




two years of travel throughout the 48 contiguous states.




Cost of living   生活费用


The cost of living is the average amount of money that people in a particular place need in order to be able to afford basic food, housing, and clothing.


The cost of living has increased dramatically.




Impoverished [im’pɔvəriʃt] 贫困的


The goal is to lure businesses into impoverished areas by offering them tax breaks.





CATTI 汉译英学习(46):气候变化与巴黎协定











Thanks to joint efforts of all parties since the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change entered into force over 20 years ago, global actions on climate change have made progress although there are still numerous difficulties and challenges.




A successful international agreement should not just address immediate challenges but more importantly, it should also present a vision for the future. The Paris agreement should focus on strengthening post-2020 global actions on climate change and boost global efforts to pursue sustainable development.




China is a responsible major developing country. The Chinese people honor their commitments. We will work hard to earnestly implement the Paris Agreement.




China has set the target of achieving the peaking of carbon dioxide emissions around 2030, and making best efforts to peak early. And relevant actions have been incorporated into our national development plans.




According to our 13th Five-Year Plan, carbon dioxide emission per unit of GDP will drop by 18% in the next five years.




China’s installed capacity of renewable energy accounts for 24% of the world’s total, with the newly installed capacity accounting for 42% of the global total. China tops the world in terms of energy conservation and utilization of new and renewable energies.




We’ll control both the total energy consumption and carbon intensity, (and) carry out near-zero emission demonstration projects. We’ll launch a national emission trading market; substantially increase forest carbon sink.




We’ll put in place a strict accountability system for environmental protection and ensure the implementation of all targets.




In the past few decades, China has seen rapid economic growth and significant improvement in people’s lives. However, this has taken a toll on the environment and resources.




Having learned the lesson, China is vigorously making ecological endeavors to promote green, circular and low-carbon growth. We have integrated our climate change efforts into China’s medium- and long-term program of economic and social development. We attach equal importance to mitigation and adaption, and try to make progress on all fronts by resorting to legal and administrative means, technologies and market forces.

CATTI 汉译英学习(47):中美贸易


来源: 汪洋副总理在中美工商界午餐会上的主旨演讲




Despite the lackluster growth in global trade from 2008 to 2015, China-US tradedefied the downward trend and recordedan average annual growth of over 7%.




Last year, the top four US exports to China were airplane, soybean, automobile and integrated circuit. China imported 22% of US cotton, 26% of Boeing airplanes and 56% of US soybean. Exports of goods and services to China generated nearly 1 million jobs in the US.




The US is also a big market for Chinese exports and in China-US trade, China is on the surplus side. But I want to stress that many of China’s imports from the US are high-end products which China cannot produce, and what we export to the US are mostly products which the US, with no comparative advantage, no longer produces.




The investment of Chinese companies in the US has rapidly increased, now reaching 42 American states, including New York, Illinois, Virginia, Massachusetts and California. Chinese investment has generated some 100,000 job opportunities for America.




Generally speaking, China-US economic relationship is highly complementary. The bond of the market has made us interconnected and indispensable to each other.




China and the US, the two largest economies in the world, have both demonstrated strong momentum of growth, which has opened broad space for business cooperation.






It is estimated that over the next five years, China will import US$8 trillion of goods, utilize US$600 billion of foreign investment, and make US$750 billion of outward investment. Outbound Chinese tourists are also expected to reach 700 million. All these mean enormous business opportunities for companies around the globe, including American companies.




To help others is to help oneself. This is an important part of China’s business culture. I am confident that, seeing a big emerging market like China, American government and companies will make the right choice.




  1. 巧选主语简化翻译;主动代替被动


美国22%的棉花、26%的波音飞机、56%的大豆  销往中国


China imported 22% of US cotton, 26% of Boeing airplanes and 56% of US soybean


  1. 同位语纾解句子结构压力




China and the US, the two largest economies in the world, have both demonstrated strong momentum of growth, which has opened broad space for business cooperation.


  1. Lacklustre /ˈlæklʌstə/ (AM lackluster)


If you describe something or someone as lacklustre, you mean that they are not exciting or energetic. 无精打采的


He has already been blamed for his party’s lacklustre performance during the election campaign.




Lustre /ˈlʌstə/


Lustre is gentle shining light that is reflected from a surface, for example from polished metal. 光泽; 光彩


These pearls had a fine lustre.




CATTI 汉译英学习(48):交通运输





When the PRC was founded in 1949, transport was underdeveloped. Total railway length was only 21,800 km, half of which was paralyzed.




Highway traffic length was only 80,800 km, and civil automobiles numbered only 51,000. Inland waterways were undeveloped, and only 12 civil air routes were operative. Postal outlets were limited. The major means of transport were animal-drawn vehicles and primitive boats.




Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1949, and especially since the introduction of the reform and opening-up policy in 1978, China’s transport has undergone historic changes, making significant contributions to the country’s social and economic development, and the people’s safe and convenient travel.




A multi-level railway network has been formed. By the end of 2015, China’s total railway operation length reached 121,000 km, ranking the world’s second, including 19,000-km high-speed railway, ranking the world’s first. An express passenger transport network with high-speed railway as framework and supplemented by intercity railway has been built.




The proportion of double-line railway in China was 53.5 percent, and the proportion of electric railway 61.8 percent. China has formed east-west and north-south railway passageways with great transport capacity, improved logistics infrastructure, and realized nonstop, speedy, and heavy-haul freight transport.




China is a major trading nation, and the quickened development of its transport provides a strong basis for building a new multi-dimensional structure of opening up and for enhancing China’s competitiveness internationally.

CATTI 汉译英学习(49):工厂简介



南京化学厂简介南京化学厂具有近四十年的建厂史,是轻工部定点生产牙膏的中型企业,现为省级先进企业。全厂现有职工六百名,其中工程技术人员七十余名,具有丰富的专业技术知识,检测设备先进,手段齐全,该厂在全国率先引进具有八十年代国际先进水平的瑞士VME- 700 型制膏机及西德IWKA 公司灌装包装设备,具有年产牙膏8000 万支以上的生产能力。


The Nanjing Chemical Plant (NCP) specializes in making tooth paste and has a production capacity of 80 million tubes a year. It prides itself on a history of tooth paste making for nearly 40 years.


At present, it ranks among the top enterprises of Jiangsu Province. The high quality of its products is guaranteed by a high level of technical know- how, up- to- date paste- making machinery (Type VME- 700, Switzerland) and packing facilities (IWKA, Germany) and advanced testing equipment.


该厂牙膏产品有三大系列,14 个品种规格,名优产品芒果,几十年来畅销不衰,并出口到东欧、中东、非洲等国家。


The NCP produces three series of tooth paste in 14 specifications. The MANGO tooth paste has for decades enjoyed a high reputation in East Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


为了迎合国际上消费品“回归大自然”的发展趋势,该厂开发研制了具有当代最新科技水平,全国牙膏行业唯一发明专利产品——丝素牙膏,引起国内外客户的极大兴趣和关注,最近又开发出真珠王牙膏系列产品,受到消费者的青睐。(282 字)


Responding to the world’ s call for the Return to Nature in the production of consumer goods, the NCP has developed the SILK DENTAL CREAM, the only patented product of its kind in China. The PEARL KING series, the latest achievement of NCP, is very well received by consumers at home and abroad.





engage in;


handle a large range of business including



hold/abide by the principles of;


adhere to the aims of;


based by the motto of the company;


with the enterprise spirit of;


follow the tenet


“经……批准”approved; appointed; permitted.

“集……于一体”feature; integrate; combine





novel in design and advanced in technology



safe operation and dependable performance


“体积小,重量轻” compact and light



convenient in operation and easy to repair



with performance up to the advanced level of …





aesthetic appearance and novel designs



selected material and comfortable feel



convenient to cook and delicious in taste



fine craftsmanship and exquisite workmanship





It possesses the unique style and flavor and is an extensively enjoyable drink.



It gives my hair super shine and leaves it smelling fresh as a meadow.




In the heart of Huangpu, Financial Square on Jiujiang Road is a well-situated Shanghai office tower.




All of them are pleasant to your eyes, your tongue and above all, your health.





CATTI 汉译英学习(50):人物介绍



摘自 冯庆华《实用翻译教程》




Ding Cong started his career by drawing cartoons and helping to edit film magazines and pictorials. In the interior and Hong Kong he also designed stage sets and costumes, an experience which stands him in good stead when illustrating stories from the past.


If an experience stands a person in good stead, it is or will be of great use to them:


Getting some work experience now will stand you in good stead (for) when you apply for a permanent job.




After the outbreak of the Pacific War in 1942, he went back to the interior and contributed to the exhibition“Hong Kong in Torment.”His travels with a repertory company brought him in touch with social outcasts, whose sufferings he often took as his theme.




Thus his “The Red Light District” and other drawings of social phenomena portray the hard life of prostitutes in Chengdu as well as the rampant corruption in wartime China. In recognition of his outstanding work he was made a member of the Modern Art Association.




Ding Cong is an all-round artist but above all a brilliant cartoonist and illustrator. A good illustration should do more than simply reproduce what a writer has said: it should give it a new dimension by adding the artist’s insight.




Over the years he has evolved his distinctive style and simplified his compositions. His drawings can be recognized at a glance. The speed with which he now works is based on painstaking practice.




Ding Cong’s old friends still call him Little Ding, not simply because he won fame under this name but because of his lovable childlike qualities.


He is frank, enthusiastic and straightforward, full of fun and with no malice in his make-up. Wherever he goes we hear laughter.“The style is the man”— this applies to both writers and artists.



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